Monday, February 17, 2020

I will be out and about today, but my Etsy shop is always open and I'm having a sale through Tuesday in honor of President's Day. 

Everything in the shop is 10% off and all merchandise either ships free or is free shipping eligible. WooHoo!!

I've been busy adding new inventory this weekend. The sun came out and that allows me to photograph. I need that sun streaming through the windows. (it makes my plants happy too.)

I've decided to go and look at the iphone 11. My iphone 7 is pretty old and doesn't hold the charge as well as it used to. I want an upgrade with a better camera that will take low light photos. 

Good photos are important for both inventory and for blogging. Maybe one day I can invest in a camera, but right now I will have to make do with a phone. 

The weather has definitely cooled back down here and it looks like we are going to have a hard freeze later this week. UGH!!

I'm afraid it will kill off the blooming flowers. At least we are heading towards March, so we should be getting more days of spring weather soon.

In the meantime I have lots of things to keep me busy. Today is thrifting day and tomorrow I have the second meeting of my peer group of women. We will have some new faces and I am looking forward to new Atlanta friendships. 

Hope you will take a peek at my shop. I have a real variety of vintage goodies.

Have a great rest of your day.


  1. Laura have a great day today. You find the best vintage things to sell. Hope you get lots of sales today with your 10% offer. Big Hugs and have a great week.


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