Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Monday I ran some errands and then went and spent the afternoon playing with Tessa. I actually hadn't seen her since Christmas so I was needing some time with her. 

Of course I wanted to see Sidney and Jack Henry too, and I did get a few minutes with each of them, along with some hugs, but they are teenagers and they were busy doing school work.

I know that Tess likes to do puzzles, so I picked up a new one on the way over.

We did work on it a little, but she had built a big indoor fort that morning and wanted some imaginative play time. That was fine with me, although I had to draw the line at getting on the floor and crawling into the fort. I was afraid I might never get up again. 

It's amazing how tired out I am after three hours of playing with her, but it is worth every bit of tiredness. 

That morning I dropped by Home Goods again to see if the wood and wire wall shelf and the book shelf were still there. The wall shelf was gone, and the book shelf was too large for my space.

I want to place it behind my setee, where I have this small end table now. 

I also need to hide those cords.

I went around the store trying to see what else might work, and found that this was the only piece that was the right size. 

It is what I want as far as having space on top for plants, a couple of drawers, and closed shelves at the bottom to store some dishes that I have for sell online. 

The problem, besides the color, is that I can't bring myself to spend $150 for a shoddy made in China piece of furniture. I'll have to start looking in earnest for a vintage piece. I want something that I know will last. 

Winter has come to Georgia. It is forty degrees colder than last week, but the good thing about Georgia is that it doesn't last too long. 


  1. Hi Laura,
    I am sure if you start to look at vintage and antique shops you will find something to put behind your couch and it will cost less than what Home Goods wants for the cabinet. The hunt is always fun.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Love seeing cozy photos of your apartment! I know some of the pieces of furniture I pick up aren't going to be around forever like the vintage pieces will. I've got to look for more vintage pieces when I'm looking. Been snowing here!

  3. I love vintage furniture, and I totally agree....I can't imagine paying $150 for something that won't last!

  4. I hear you Laura. When you are used to antiques it's hard to spend the money on junk. Part of the fun is the hunt!!

  5. It seems down South there are many vintage and antique shops. Seems so based on pictures and other posts I have read over the years. Think of how much fun the looking will be.

    It's alot better than trying to get into a for on the floor.



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