Thursday, December 12, 2019


The time is flying by, and Christmas day will be here before we know it. I seem to have something scheduled for every day, and by the time nighttime rolls around I am exhausted.

I am so happy that my apartment is decorated. I think if I still had that left to do it wouldn't get done. 

My daughters and grandchildren stopped by to see me Tuesday afternoon so they could see my decorations, and we had a chance to go through my mom's jewelry so that they could pick out some things they wanted. 

Tessa was trying to negotiate for all of it. She's a funny kid. 

I had been to physical therapy in the morning so I was tired by the time they left, but I sent them on their way with jewelry and gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies I baked the day before. 

Yesterday a nurse practitioner came by for a yearly wellness checkup. I am apparently in very good health with excellent vitals. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and then the countdown will begin for my 70th next year.

How did that happen?

Today I am going to get my hair cut and have a color consultation. I am tired of being a washed out blonde. I am just too pale these days for it and I need a good haircut. 

I am grateful every day for good health, a warm comfortable home, and a loving family.


  1. Your home looks even lovelier decorated in its Christmas finery. Have a wonderful Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your house looks so pretty all dressed for Christmas Laura. Great news on your health check up! Hey 70 is just a number. I tried telling myself that when I turned 60 a year ago lol!!!!
    Have a good week. Enjoy your pretty decor.

  3. A nurse practitioner makes home visits there? Your apartment looks quite cozy and loved. Hope your knee is doing better.

  4. Everything looks wonderful in your home for Christmas. Tessa is a hoot.

    Happy to hear you're healthy. Remember it's just a number. Good luck with the hair consultation



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