Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Monday was my grandson, Jack Henry's birthday and he asked my younger daughter and I over to have dinner and play board games with him. How many seventeen year old would do that?

I don't remember wanting to spend my seventeenth birthday like that. I'm pretty sure I was out the door on a date that night.

It was so much fun, and of course Tessa made sure I spent time with her as well. She borrowed my camera to run upstairs and take a photo of the new Elf On The Shelf  that Santa had sent that morning. She now has a girl elf and her name is Trixie. 

Apparently it altered her behavior to "well behaved" for a good hour.

Now on to the tree.

I wasn't quite sure where to place my tree as I don't have a lot of space, but I finally decided on putting it on a small table behind my settee. That way I could enjoy it from both the living room and dining area. 

I wanted a colorful tree this year. Some years I have opted for a tree with white lights and silver and gold ornaments, but as I have gotten older I like a tree that reminds me of ones that I had when I was younger. 

I used my Santa tree skirt and placed some of the elves and Santas I made twenty five years ago along with a Snoopy clock around the tree base.

I love that the tree is playful, but also has some glittery ornaments thrown in.

As I sit here enjoying my tree I think about the many Christmases of the past and how each one has been special in some way.

It reminds me to count my blessings. 

P.S. I'll show you my other Christmas decorations in a future post. 


  1. SO true, Laura, I think that's one of the reasons I tend to go old fashioned with my Christmas tree as well....a reminder of the many wonderful Christmas celebrations of my childhood. Lovely tree!

  2. Board games - I'm impressed, they are mostly into violent computer games.
    (And my tree is up, but guilty of no decorations yet)

  3. Lovely, Laura! I have become quite nostalgic at Christmas, too!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandboy. He sounds like a really good kid! Love the elf picture and your tree is adorable.

    I know what you mean--this year, more than any in the past, I have been thinking about my childhood Christmases. We always cut the tree down from our woods on my birthday, the 12th, and had those big old hot multi-colored bulbs---where if one went out the whole strand went dead. lol I can almost smell the gingerbread and fudge my mother made. Life just keeps moving us along,doesn't it? xo Diana

  5. A beautiful tree and happy birthday to Jack Henry! Is he 17? In small space homes, we have to take advantage of every square inch. I'm so glad you had fun with your family.

  6. I sure do enjoy your posts, and the tree is so cute. I would love for you to show more pictures of your apartment. I also live in a small apartment and am always trying to figure out how to fit everything in my postage stamp living room. Your space is definitely larger than mine but I still enjoy seeing how others manage in small spaces. Congrats to your grandson, 17 is a magical age, not quite an adult yet, but still no longer a child.

  7. It all sounds wonderful and you are so right, you are very lucky with that 17 handsome young man! I want to thank you for your kind words on my blog today,, it was lovely,

  8. Hi Laura,

    Too funny about Tessa and the Elf on the Shelf.

    Your tree looks wonderful.


  9. The tree looks lovely Laura. Everything does, actually. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Also, thanks for stopping by Writing Straight from the Heart and commenting, too. Late birthday greetings to Jack Henry, too. He is a very nice-looking young man! Susan


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