Thursday, November 21, 2019


Thursday is a physical therapy day for me and I definitely needed it. Yesterday my lower back started to really hurt. I couldn't get up out of a chair or walk without pain. I'm not sure if it was from a new exercise I had done in PT on Tuesday or if I had somehow twisted it wrong here at home. 

A heating pad helped somewhat and I was able to get to my appointment today. My therapist modified my exercises, messaged my aching leg, and at the end of the session iced my knee and put heat on my back for ten minutes. 

When I left I was feeling much better and since I was five minutes from the plant store I decided to swing by there and get treatment for spider mites. I had known for a couple of days that my large split leaf philodendron had them but I just hadn't felt like walking into the plant store. 

I figured since I was so close that I would still be feeling good when I got there. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans. 

Just down the road there was some type of accident. I'm not sure if it was a road construction accident or a car accident, but they rerouted us off the road. I followed the bumper to bumper traffic onto a side street, then another side street, and so on and so on. 

The detour wound through neighborhoods where I had never been before and almost an hour later we reemerged about 200 feet from where we started. Of course by then the accident was gone and my back and leg were hurting from sitting in the car for so long. 

As I was only a couple of minutes from the plant store I decided I would stop there anyway. After all, I had a plant emergency, and as long as I could manage to limp into the store I was going to do it. 

I'm glad I did. They are setting up for Christmas and I enjoyed seeing the holiday decorations. 

As for that detour, I actually enjoyed it. I often feel like I am in the mountains in Atlanta. It is so hilly and the trees are wonderful. 

Things don't always go in a straight line in our lives, but when we have to veer off the path it is best to enjoy the moment (or hour as it was in this case). 


  1. It looks very rural there for Atlanta - hope you feel better soon, Laura

  2. Beautiful trees you showed and color. At least you made it to the plant store in the end. An hour detour wasn't the best but when you got there pretty Poinsettia were greeting you.

    Feel better


  3. Every night I apply ice to my neck and back, and then I put a portable massager I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond on my back. It rolls up and down and applies heat at the same time. It was $49.99. Then if my ankle is hurting I apply ice to that. Hell getting old. But this and the morning floor stretches on a yoga mat keep me going.

  4. Wow Laura you are not having great luck with your knee or back. I hope with them modifiying the exercises from you knee it will help your back. Don't you hate when they detour you like that and you have no idea where you will come out of the maze!!!! Hope you feel better for the weekend and your sweet plant too.


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