Saturday, November 30, 2019


Today is the first anniversary of my mom's passing. In the past year I have learned that grief has no expiration date. 

My mom and I had a somewhat complicated relationship, but in the end I knew that she loved me and that I loved her. 

She loved birthdays and somehow managed to stretch hers out for a month.

Her 90th

And it was still going.

My mother was a tiny bundle of energy, who loved to dance and party and of course three years ago she and a neighbor shared the winnings from a Kentucky Derby pool.

She loved life and she always said she had lived it the way she wanted to. She also chose her time to leave this world.

We miss you Mother, Granny, GG. 

Love, Your Family.


  1. Such a lovely woman! Reminds me of my Mom with her hair done and her jewelry on! I still miss her but happy memories and sweet stories shared always bring comfort. So nice that you celebrate your Mom today, Laura.

  2. I understand--my mother and I had a complicated relationship, too, and her mind deserted her long before we could make reparations. You are lucky to have had a sweet closing of that part of life. xoDiana

  3. Prayers for you. Grief really doesn't have an expiration date.

  4. Your mom was such a pretty women and so happy in the end you could make peace and remember her fondly after she has now passed on. The first year anniversaries of special times are always the hardest. Have a great Sunday.

  5. What pretty lady your mom and so full of life and knowing how she wanted to live and did. I like the way you wrote to give us, your followers, some sweet memories of your Mother. My mom is 98 and after reading this, I will be visiting her today at the nursing home and play scrabble.

  6. I think maybe all mother/daughter relationships are somewhat complicated. Grief, as you said, definitely does not have an expiration date. I'm still grieving Abi and have written often about that. That seems to help me. Your mom had the right attitude about life!

  7. I also recently lost my mother, it was a year ago in October. She was my best friend and we shared many things. She developed Dementia but she remembered me. I would try to talk to her on the phone (she lived in another state) every day, and once she had quit wearing her false teeth and I could not understand a word she said. Even though I wanted her to pass as she was bedridden and miserable with COPD, it was still a very hard thing for me when she did pass. I miss her terribly. My mother was a wonderful active person all her life until the last two years.

  8. I'm sorry my has been 18 months since my dad passed and I still miss him every single day. His headstone was just installed, and somehow that made it seem all the more final....isn't that weird? Be strong and find comfort in the fact that you had your mom for so long. xo


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