Saturday, November 2, 2019


It was a fun Halloween. I haven't been in Atlanta with my grandkids for the last few years on Halloween, which is also Sidney's birthday, so I was looking forward to it. 

The day started out with beautiful weather. The sky was blue and the temperature was a balmy 79 degrees when I went to the post office and to fill up my gas tank at noon. I am trying to keep my gas consumption to one tank a month and so far so good. 

By the time I got back home around 12:30 I could feel the weather changing, and I knew that it definitely was not going to be a short sleeve kind of afternoon and evening.  

In fact when I left at  3:00 it was raining and the temperature had already dropped to 54. I watched while it dropped even more as I drove across the city. 

I planned on getting to my daughter's house around 3:30, but the traffic was really backed up and so I didn't get there until after 4. 

By the time I did finally arrive the temperature was in the 40's with a wind chill in the 30's. Thank goodness I wore my heavy lined raincoat. 

My family was ready to trick or treat. 

My grandson stays home to hand out the candy, and as my knee was still hurting when I walk, I decided to stay with him. 

He was dressed as Marilyn Monroe and everyone loved it. They live on a busy Atlanta street and cars were even stopping to say they loved his costume. Don't ask me how he could stand to be out in that freezing weather dressed like that, but he has never seemed to feel the cold. 

I think it is wonderful that each of my grandchildren has their own personality and are able to express it in the things that they do. 

The birthday girl loves Grey's Anatomy and dressed as Meredith Gray. Her dad surprised her by dressing as McDreamy.

Tessa's choice was of course an adorable pumpkin. (hmm there seems to be a Marilyn Monroe ghost behind her)

Even Winky got in on the action, although my impression was that she was definitely underwhelmed by the whole thing. I had to chase her down to get even one photo, so excuse the feet.

As for me I dressed completely as myself. Maybe next year I'll be able to walk with Tessa while she goes trick or treating and I'll come up with a costume then. 

Staying inside under a comfy throw where it is warm does have its benefits though.  


  1. It was a very cold windy night here. It's chilly this weekend too. Coat weather or heavy jacket at least. Your family was so fun. I loved the costumes. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. Cute costumes the kids came up with. I never get trick or treaters here. Cold weather. My arthritis hates it.

  3. What fun you had! I know it's one of the reasons you moved take part in all the family fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Your family must be a lot of fun! Love all the costumes! That Marilyn Monroe was the winner for me!

  5. Oh Laura, what a precious post. What a darling family you have. No wonder you wanted to move closer to them. And Marilyn looks like a hit! I never noticed the Marilyn ghost until you pointed it out. ha haha Good one. SO glad you had a memorable Halloween. Susan

  6. Laura what a fun time. Everyone's costume looked great. Loved all of them. Marylin looked great no wonder people stopped. Tessa looked fantastic as a pumpkin.

    So happy you were able to spend Halloween with them.

    I'm nursing my girl Peanut back to feeling better. Hate when my fur babies hurt.


  7. Love all the costumes, Laura. ESPECIALLY your grandson's! Have a wonderful week.


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