Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Seems that I have done nothing but run around lately. Last week was no exception, including watching Tessa's very first swim meet. 

I love this photo. Tessa is in the middle. I think they are all three adorable. They won 1st in their relay and Tessa won second in her other two events. So proud of her.

After all of the running around I decided to stay at home for three days. It was nice to just enjoy my new apartment. 

Today I was back at it. Tuesday is one of my water aerobics days, and even though I had a sore muscle in my leg, which started yesterday I decided it wasn't going to hold me back. So glad I went because it seemed to work the pain out. 

After class I decided to drop into Pike Family Nurseries across the road because I needed to get a couple of stakes for the eggplant plants in my garden. While there I couldn't resist this sweet plant with its pink and green leaves. 

The succulent that I had in this pot never really recovered from the move so I was ready to trash it. This is much prettier.

The library is less than a mile from there and as I have been wanting to get a library card so I can start reading again, I decided this would be a good day for it. 

I decided to catch up on some Susan Wittig Albert books.I love the China Bayles series, but the Darling Dahlias books are really my favorites. 

I really wanted the new Jacqueline Winspear book but I am 27th on the waiting list for that so I am going to have to be patient. Patience is not one of my strong points. SIGH!!!

The white hydrangeas are even more beautiful than ever, although for some reason the photos I took of them didn't turn out. I'll have to try again on those. 

Although I couldn't get a good picture of those, I did find this little blue hydrangea bush hiding out by the path into the woods.

Love the color.

Time to dive into one of my books. Hope you have a great day.


  1. It sounds as though you have settled in well and are loving your new place! I am so happy for you, Laura!

  2. You sound happy and relaxed with the move. The girls looked cute. Enjoy reading.


  3. Your granddaughter is adorable. Enjoy your summer reads. Happy Wednesday.

  4. Thanks, Kris. She was so adorable insisting that she wanted her ears out like that. We finally convinced her that she might be more comfortable with them tucked inside her cap.

  5. Reading is all I do from about 7 p.m. till bedtime. It relaxes me. Your granddaughter is so cute. Looking forward to seeing your new digs!

    1. I haven't been able to relax and read for the last several months. It's so nice to relax with a good book again.

  6. Your granddaughter is adorable, Laura!! That little cute face!!

  7. Congrats to your daughter. She and her swim team mates are adorable. And apparently fast! Love your new plant. It looks great in the pot you put it in.

    1. She is actually my granddaughter, but thank you. I think they are all pretty adorable.

  8. Glad you are having some time to read. I love reading and it is so relaxing... and also love going to our library which is very close by. I can order pretty much any books I want online from their catalog, and then they are delivered to that library from the entire library system, which is about 4 counties. Love it! I've written the names of those authors down as am always looking for new ones. Your granddaughter is darling by the way and how neat that she is swimming so young! That plant is a coleus and they really are gorgeous. I always thought they were just a house plant, but last year I saw some at our local nursery and the owner said they do really well outside, so I planted one outside in an area that is partly sun and partly shade, and it grew humungous! It was at least 2 feet tall and at least 2 feet wide! I was amazed. They never grew that big in the house. I love that they come in my fave colors, which are pink and green! Enjoy those books! xoxo Marilyn


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