Saturday, June 8, 2019

After a stretch of hot sunny days we are now having a period of rain. Early this morning I was woken up by the sound of thunder and the swoosh of rain against my bedroom window. Seemed like a good idea to snuggle back down for a few more hours of sleep. 

I love rainy, thundery days. It's a good time to catch up on things and to just settle in for some reading. The forecast is showing rain through Wednesday, so by that time I will definitely be ready to see the sun again. 

I have a feeling all of this rain will cause a lot of growth in my garden. It has already grown so much, but I am hoping that whatever is stealing tomatoes will stop. 

I thought maybe it was a crow after the first small tomato disappeared, because it left me a half of a Fiber One wrapping as a swap. I learned yesterday that we apparently have foxes and deer living in the woods beside me so not sure who the thief is. 

If it continues I'll have to get some netting to see if I can protect my precious tomatoes. I do hope that the woods next to my apartment building aren't destroyed by enterprising builders. It sure is nice to have wildlife in the city of Atlanta. 

My apartment is really coming together. I am pretty much finished with my living room and will start to show it this next week if I can get some decent photos. I may have to wait for a sunnier day. 

Think I'll put the kettle on for a cup of tea. Seems like the perfect day for it. 


  1. Laura, I would love to sleep in on a rainy day...but honestly I am hoping for few rains this month..as we have had too much. The farmers are truly suffering. You may have to make a rabbit fence cover for your tomatoes. I would dearly love some fresh tomatoes right now. The flowers certainly are looking good. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Rain coming our way for the beginning of the week. I can't stand having no sun for more than a day.

    Happy you're settling in your apartment. Hope you can find out who is stealing your tomatoes.


  3. This rain is much needed here in Georgia but it's kept me a bit down. Still it will be nice to have the plants blooming with all this lovely rain. We had a few of the first tomatoes off our plants yesterday and they were quite good. Hoping you get some and that the critters don't take them all. Hugs!

  4. Raining here too. It's rained most every day for at least a week. I have about a dozen unripe tomatoes on mine.

  5. Hi Laura. Have you found out who (or what) is the tomato stealer? Just curious. The flowers look so lovely. I am so happy that you are settling in to your new digs. You were brave to make the move. I know you are enjoying each day of life. Susan


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