Friday, May 10, 2019

I can't figure out what happens to Monday through Thursday. It seems like it is always Friday and the weekend is upon us once again.

I don't remember that happening when I was working. Back then weekdays seemed to drag on forever. 

As you know if you read my blog regularly I recently moved from an independent senior apartment in Kentucky to one in Atlanta. I had to meet with the on sight social worker this week. Apparently it is mandatory here. 

She was very sweet and had a number of questions for me to answer. They ranged from questions about my health, (she seemed to be perturbed that I wasn't in worse health, and was excited to punch in mild cataracts). questions about my relationship with my daughters (am I welcome at their homes anytime? Ummm I have yet to test that out, but I am not one to show up on their doorsteps on a daily basis. I value my life.), to the question of do I have a special friend (am I an kindergarten?).

I left feeling like I needed to take an online test of my apparently dwindling cognitive abilities. 

Then yesterday I decided to drop by the Sprint store to upgrade my data to unlimited. I have quickly used up my data using GPS in Atlanta. As my mental faculties are quickly on the decline I am in terrible danger of losing my way while cruising around Atlanta and having to call up said daughters to give me a ride to "the home". No one wants that to happen.

The nice young man who helped me suggested I call into Sprint customer service where, because I am over 55, I could get the unlimited plan for $10 less. I am never one to turn up my nose at $10 off a month so I hurried home and quickly put in the call. 

A very confident woman informed me that according to my social security number I wasn't over 55. Ummmm!!! WHAT??? How can you tell how old I am based on my social security number? Is there a secret code embedded in there that I don't know about? 

I guess my mental status has declined so much that I no longer know my age. After a couple of minutes arguing with her she said not to worry she could give me the same price as the old person's plan (okay, she didn't actually use those words, but I could feel the pity oozing through the phone). If they offer that plan why don't they just come out and say so. 

Now I am worried that my iphone 7 is getting ready to kick the bucket so I am sending up prayers.

Please Lord, don't make me have to call that woman back again. There is no telling what age I will be if that happens.


  1. It's crazy out there! lol I went to get a prescription filled for a special mouthwash (for after my teeth cleaning) and walked right up to the counter. I was the only one there but they didn't help me right away and then people started coming to stand in a line...back where you're supposed to stand in a line. I felt like a kindergarten kid the way she treated me. But I haven't needed a prescription filled in years and didn't know where to stand! I guess I'll have to stand in the corner! lol Enjoy your day! Will you stand with me? heehee!

    1. I do that kind of stuff all the time and I'm on the receiving end of lots of eye rolls. LOL

  2. Some interesting challenges.
    I so much appreciate the GPS that came with our electric car. That woman can reroute for traffic congestion, and take us safely via who knows where, back to our destination. But if I was battling to do that on my cellphone while driving - daunting!

  3. That is too funny! I got a good laugh out of this! I HATE calling "customer service" people for anything, as it's always someone who either can' speak English or doesn't know what I'm talking about! ... or they talk to fast... or want to argue with me..... ugh. Geesh.. I wonder if I'm really the age I think I am!! So funny. Hope you got it all straightened out! Marilyn


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