Monday, April 22, 2019


It seems like forever since I've posted, and in fact it has been over a month. I can't believe that I have actually made the move to Atlanta. It is something I have wanted for years and it now has happened. 

As I sit here typing I am looking at a lot of boxes left to be unpacked. I moved in last Tuesday and I have been working pretty much every day unpacking, but I have so many boxes. 

Also, I took some time off this weekend for family. I love being able to hop in my car and spend time with them. Saturday was Sidney's ballet concert for her youth ballet company. I wish I had photos, but there was a sign that said no photos or videos allowed so I wasn't able to take any. I did however, find this photo of her that they used for their promotion. 

Needless to say she was wonderful and I was so proud. 

Yesterday of course was Easter so I spent most of the day with family. There was brunch, blowing bubbles with Tessa, and playing games with Jack Henry, who broke his ankle a few days ago, and my daughter Katy. 

Jack Henry has an appointment with a surgeon today to see what needs to be done. I feel so bad for him because he had so many activities planned that he will now not be able to do. Whitewater rafting and horse back riding don't work well with a broken ankle. 

Tessa informed me that she would start to come over to my apartment soon so I need to add to my craft supplies, and that I might need to keep a couple of my packing boxes so we can make a fort.  She's making a list for me. We are also going to have some peanut butter picnics as we explore local parks. 

I am feeling very happy and very much at home in Atlanta already.

Well those boxes are not going to unpack themselves so back to work.  


  1. You have been wanting to move to Atlanta for years and I'm so happy you are here now. I love being able to see my Grands often and I know you love it also.

  2. I'm so glad you're safely there. Have fun with the grands!

  3. Hi Laura...I was happy to see your post. Congratulations on making the move to Atlanta. WOW. That was a big step for you. How wonderful you will now be closer to the grands. Great news! Good luck unpacking the boxes and settling in. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Susan

  4. I've been wondering how you have been doing! So glad to hear you are moved into your new place. I'll be anxious to see pictures! For a refresher for me.... are Tessa, Jack and Sidney your grandkids? and Katy your daughter? Didn't you have sisters living there or am I mistaken? I bet it is just wonderful to live close to your daughter and grandkids. I remember when I moved to an area here in Oregon a few years ago and was only 4 miles from my sister. It was wonderful and every time I would hop in my car to drive there, I was beyond happy. Now I've moved 70 miles away from her, but it's still fairly easy to get together and "meet in the middle" for lunch, etc. So happy you've made this move and feel at home there. Hugs.. Marilyn

  5. Awww, Laura, I'm so happy for you!! I look forward to watching you settle into your new home - welcome home!!

  6. I am so happy for you my friend. I know you have wanted to make this move for years and I'm sure you'll be happy there! You'll enjoy getting your house fixed up in your stylish way too! Can't wait to hear more about where you're living and what you're doing! Pace yourself! Hugs!

  7. Life sounds good, happy for you!

  8. As I am new to blog maybe catch us up on your family and life!!! Love your blog!!


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