Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thursday three out of five non elected people voted to end net neutrality in the United States. 

If this is upheld, it will end the way citizens in this country have access to the internet. 

Net neutrality and the end of net neutrality is complicated, but from what I am able to understand it is going to favor large corporations and wealthier Americans. 

You can find information about how it affects individuals here.

I am also very concerned about how it will affect blogs. 

If I write a blog post about home decor will it instead of sending someone to my post redirect them to a large company who is writing about the same topic.

Will we have to pay to have traffic directed to our blogs? 

Will it put an end to small blogs who supplement their income through blogging?

If those things happen I will have to give up blogging and redirect my efforts to another source of income. 

I will miss all of the friends I have made through blogging.

Let us hope that Congress will overturn this decision and listen to the majority of the people in this country who don't support the end of net neutrality.  


  1. It is always something, is it? I hope that they can come to some type of agreement that allows the internet to remain open to new ideas and start-ups. I think it will make the bigger companies pay more to use it...kind of like semi-trucks going through the tollways pay more than a regular car. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Hope you have a great night and blessed Sunday- xo Diana

    1. It unfortunately will make it so only the large companies can afford to use the fast lanes. When trucks pay more they aren't given access to fast lanes over cars.

  2. I know. And my blog is my income and I'm very worried. Every day this country is lurching toward appeasing the rich at all costs and an autocratic government.

  3. How is your mom? I hope none of these dire predictions manifest. It would be terrible.

  4. I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for posting. On another note I wanted to wish you happy holidays.


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