I woke up briefly in the night to the sound of pouring rain. I love hearing that sound, and quickly went back to sleep. 

When I woke this morning that pounding rain had warmed the temperatures into the sixties, the wind was really blowing, and I was left with my head pounding. 

Tonight another front will bring more rain and lower tomorrow's temperatures into the thirties. 

Such is fall in Kentucky. The barometric pressure is rising and falling. That, along with allergies, does a number on my head. 

So I have decided to stay inside for the rest of today. Christmas decorations are being pulled from storage and planning has begun. 

My fellow inmates, aka the other people who live in my apartment building, have nominated me to have a Christmas open house in my apartment. 

It will be interesting to find room for a tree, much less other decorations, but I am hopefully up for the challenge. 

At least I will have something else to focus on other than my aching head. 
  1. Good for you! Giving your fellow inmates a glimpse into your cozy apartment home.

  2. Laura, So sorry you are not feeling so great. We had the high winds and heavy rains today...it was 50 this morning. But will be getting colder. I wish I could make myself seem to get excited about Christmas decorating...not just yet for me..but I am excited for you. Love the Santa.:):) Having a party would be so nice. I miss those days, somewhat. Blessings, take care of yourself, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thanks, Susie. I am having a hard time getting excited about Christmas too, but hopefully this will help somewhat.

  3. LOL you will be the best hostess for the inmates!!!! Sorry you are having these headaches. I am the same way with all the rain. I think it is the mold that gets to me. Hope you have fun today planning out your decor.

    1. Mold is the worst for me too. As soon as the leaves start to change it hits me, but I think the rains are making it much worse. UGH!!!

  4. That sounds like fun. Headaches are awful and I get them from the pressure change also!

  5. My sinuses have felt like they are exploding some days, which I guess is also from the pressure changing. It's also when I clean the ashes out of the woodstove, and when I do the floors and empty the vacuum. My allergies kick into high gear!! Can't wait to see your cozy home all decorated for the holidays, Laura! Happy Thanksgiving!


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