Saturday, October 28, 2017

One day you are sitting outside soaking up some warm sun and the next you are huddled under your new throw. 

Such is fall in Kentucky and I imagine in a lot of other parts of the country. 

Overnight a rain storm swept down from Canada and cooled us down 30 degrees. The weather forecasters had even predicted that we might see a few flurries, but if that happened I was too hunkered down to notice. (honestly, I didn't want to see them if they were there)

The rain cleared off, and we were left with a cloudy day in the forties. In a few days we will be back up in the sixties, which is my kind of fall weather. 

Like the weather, nothing in life is really predictable. There are always ups and downs, but we seem to adjust and learn to accept changes. 

Life would be boring if every day was the same. We might take the wonderful weather and the happy days for granted. 

There are things to like about cold rainy days. I like curling up with a good book and a nice cup of tea in my favorite chair, but I have to admit that sunny warm days are definitely my favorites. 


  1. I like cool weather. Looks like you have beautiful fall weather where you live. Enjoy.

  2. I prefer cooler weather. I hate to be hot.

  3. Happy Sunday Laura. Your weather is about the same as ours is in Illinois. Even with the chill in the temps I love that the sun is out. I feel more motivated when the sun is shinning. I just got out all my throws too. Sweater weather and throws love it!
    Have a great start to the new week.

  4. Lovely photos, Laura...I love your new throw!

  5. I like some rain and cooler weather after our LONG hot summer. I like hunkering and not having to go out and do yardwork and worry about my long to do lists....though I must admit that the sunshine does energize me. Cloudy days let me feel ok about staying inside and crafting and reading, two things I absolutely love.

  6. Cold here in south central KY this noon it was much colder! Misty type of snow flurries as well. I LOVE IT!! Stay warm!!

  7. I love fall with its cool, crisp mornings and mid day warmth...the problem here is that it quickly gives way to winter which can be brutal and it lasts until April. I am never ready for that. Beautiful pictures, Laura. xo Diana

  8. We've had a really warm Fall this year. Hope you have a week full of treats, dear Laura.

  9. Laura, You had about the same weather as we did here in central Indiana. It's been cold enough to turn the furnace on and make a small fire in the fireplace. I think my plants will be gone tomorrow as we are suppose to have hard freeze this evening (Monday). Hope we can get some warm weather yet. I would so love to sit on the porch in the sun without bugs flying around. Stay warm. :):) Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie


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