Monday, May 8, 2017

"The power of hope upon human exertion and happiness
is wonderful."
                                   Abraham Lincoln

spring blossoms Kentucky

Hope can be a difficult thing to find in trying times. We are living in a complicated world. It is a world where we are faced with personal as well as global uncertainties. 

There are many days when I have to dig very deep to find hope, but I know that hope is my source of strength.

day lilly

Hope sustains me when I feel that things around me are falling apart. 

Meditation and prayer give me the strength to wrap myself in a cloak of hope, to awake to the power of hope that is within me always. 

purple flower daylilly

"Hope is being able to see that there is light
despite all of the darkness."
                                                 Desmond Tutu

Even those who are suffering the most unimaginable pain and suffering can find hope. It seems to arise from the depths of the darkness and bring them back up into the light. 

Even on the days that I struggle the most I remind myself of the struggles of others. 

wild flowers woods

The future may look frightening, but hope is like the beautiful wildflowers that grow along the edge of a dark woods. 

The beauty will sustain us through the darkness. The beauty will still be there when we emerge on the other side.

I have been thinking about the path I want my blog to take as I return to more consistent postings, and I know that I want to return to some of my earlier goals. Each Monday I am planning to go back to my Inspiration on a Monday postings. You can find more of them here


  1. I'd love to see more of you here, Laura! Times are uncertain, and I find myself sinking into depression about what's going on in our country. Then I talk to myself and pump myself back up, because we have to have hope.

    1. Hope is so important, Brenda. It is easy for any of us to sink into depression, but if we have hope and continue to take action then I believe that things will work out for the better.

  2. That's all we can do is hope, and pray.

  3. It is such a scary world we live in now. I too am looking for hope and praying for peace.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, my friend. There's always hope around the corner :)


  5. Lovely post in words and photos.


  6. Beautifully written, Laura. I agree.


  7. I started reading your blog quite awhile back because you always were so inspirational to me... so will be glad to see that again.... not saying that your posts haven't continued to inspire me, because they have. But a specific day each week and knowing it would be there, would be really nice. I need lifting up sometimes, as most of us do! Marilyn


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