Friday, January 27, 2017


I am trying hard today to do what my doctor told me to do in order to get well.

I decided that maybe his idea of resting and my idea of resting aren't the same. My idea has been more along the lines of running around town at break neck speed, while possibly he was thinking I should stay home with my feet up. So for the next few days I am trying it his way.

That doesn't mean I can't write my blog though. I'm in my chair with my feet up and I am enjoying my cozy apartment. 

I realized that I haven't shown much of my apartment, and although it is small, I do have things that I can share. 

I love my dining area, and today I am going to share one side of it.

This side of the room is anchored by an antique drop leaf table and chairs I bought almost 40 years ago. Originally there were six chairs, but as I have crisscrossed the country so have these pieces. 

Four of the chairs were destroyed over the years and the remaining chairs and the table are not in great shape. The chairs are not very sturdy and so to be honest, I never sit here to eat. I will have to decide what I want to do with them at some point.

This wicker piece was a freebie. I wasn't sure I was going to have a place for it, and it may eventually go in my bathroom, but for now I am using it to display some of my antique ironstone china and cloth napkins. 

I would like to have a low bookcase under the pictures on that wall, as I really don't have a place for my books and I could also use it to display the china.

 I love my blue and white transferware plates. They make a great focal point on that wall. 

Since my apartment has an English country cottage vibe I have lots of pictures on the walls. I am definitely not a minimalist. That trend just doesn't see to work for me. 

Horse prints seem to be a staple in English country cottage decor and I happen to have some. I bought these two prints when I was first married. Fortunately they have survived all of the moves. 

I have very little light in this room so it is really hard to get good photos.

I recently bought this cute print from a friend. I love it.

When I first come out in the morning I love seeing my dining space, and hopefully I can repair those chairs soon so I can actually use it.

Next week I will try to get some photos of the other side of the space. Maybe the sun will put in an appearance before then.

There is more of my small space here.


  1. Those chairs look pretty good for the years and moves on them but I understand that they lose their sturdiness.
    Take it easy, Laura, and do rest so you can get better. Things this time of year just seem to hang on and hang on. xo Diana

  2. I'm SO glad we're seeing more of your apartment! The transfer ware plates on the wall look fantastic! I wish I had something like that wicker piece to go in my bathroom, once it's actually done.

  3. Laura, I so enjoyed your post. I am not a minimalist either. I always have lots of treasures sitting around me. Love your horse pictures -- they give a very English Country feeling. Loved having a peek at your beautiful apartment. Thank you!

    Wishing you a restful weekend...

  4. Your apartment is lovely...I love the look of the wall plates!
    Hope you are feeling better soon! Looks like a cozy place to relax!

  5. How nice to see more of your lovely apt. and how you have decorated it. I love your plate collection and your antique dining set. Are the chair legs what is rickety on the chairs? Maybe you can squirt in some wood glue into the holes that the rungs go in, then use a strap clamp to hold it all together while it dries? My dear husband did antique restoration. Now that you mention it, I have a chair that I need to do this with myself. :-)

    Enjoy your new home ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. Rest and be well.

  6. Resting is what finally helped me get over the crud, so I hope you rest up and get well. Love seeing more of your apt. Love the table and chairs. I have a very old table and really it's too big for me but I just can't get rid of it! Your home is so cozy. Hugs!

  7. Your sweet little apartment is so cozy. It is not the size of where we live but how we make it our own. Glad you are putting your feet up and resting some. These dark gloomy winter days are a good time to just relax and stay home and cozy. Enjoy.

  8. Yes... put your feet up! It's hard for us "doers" to sit still for long but sometimes is a necessity. I'm dealing with a "bad foot" that feels like an elephant stepped on it.. but xrays show nothing... so I just keep on walking on it.. but putting it up for a week would probably help. Anyway... love your dining area. I too love my walls just about covered with things and pictures... by the way, who is the man in the one large picture? and I see a lady over to the side of him. Are they relatives? I LOVE old pictures of our relatives! I have several but have not put them up yet. We've "only" been here in our new (old) house a little over a year, and it seems pictures are the last things to go up (for me anyway). Take care of yourself and give yourself permission to rest! Marilyn

  9. Laura, I love your prints. I too love the transfer ware. Hope you get well soon. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Your place is so warm and cosy, Laura! Love your horse prints and your blue and white plates. Hope you feel better.


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