There are so many ways to combat stress, and as I am dealing with a whole ton of stress I am spending time trying to bring it down to a manageable level. 

I have been up and down with my walking program. Some days I feel I am just too tired or too busy to get out there and do it, but I know those are just excuses. 

I feel so much better when I walk, so I have decided to vary my location.

I think I just get bored too easily, but a change of scenery really helps.

A couple of days ago I chose to stop at Ashland the estate of Henry Clay. I drive by it a lot, but for some reason I have never thought to stop and walk there.

A lovely serene place to look up through the trees and breathe in the sight of a perfect blue sky.

This is a good location for me to walk. Because it is in town I feel safe to walk by myself. There was a time when I didn't mind walking in the country by myself, but I no longer feel that way. Maybe it is my age that makes me feel more vulnerable.

Later this week I am going over to the arboretum to walk. It's a great place right next to the university and very close to where I live. 

Then I will start exploring some of the parks and walking paths here in town. The weather is going to turn much colder this weekend so I guess I will have to bundle up. 

How about you? Have you been walking? If so where do you like to go?

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  1. Good for you! I wish I could walk like I used to. But I'm fairly limited now. What a gorgeous old tree that is!

  2. I love to walk too. Having recently moved to a small town with wonderful parks and beautiful old streets I am enjoying my walking even more.
    Have a good week.

  3. What a good idea. My neighborhood is one street long and it's boring to walk it so I think I'll start doing destination walks.

  4. I try to walk everyday. It doesn't always happen but I try. Have a good week, Laura.

  5. I haven't been walking lately, I find I'm so busy it's tough to make time for it, which is so sad! Gorgeous photos!

  6. I walk every day in my neighborhood. It's the first thing I do each morning after taking care of my cats and making the bed. I always feel better after walking. Due to the fact that I only have to walk out my door to start my walk in a safe and beautiful neighborhood makes it easier to each day. Even at 6:00 a.m., there are a few other people out. The only time I don't walk is if there is lightening or too much snow/ice on the street.

  7. I don't walk like I used to, Laura. We live on busy ROAD with no sidewalks so I would have to drive to walk. I do have a treadmill but you know how that goes...or at least how it goes in my life- It DOESN'T go! xo Diana

  8. I love to walk! Being outside is incredibly good for your soul. Don't you think? Being surrounded by fresh and air and hearing the birds just lifts my cares.

  9. Walking is one of my favorite ways to deal with stress, too. Your photos are lovely!

  10. Love walking Laura. Clears your mind and makes you feel so energized. Love the scenery you see on your walks. Beautiful.

  11. I should but I don't. I hurt me knee almost 4 months ago and has put a huge halt to any real exercise. can walk pretty good now and did go for my first walk a few days ago.. but made my back hurt, so I'm sure I'm all cockeyed and spine out of whack from the fall I took. I'm determined though. Going to try it again today as is sunny and warm out, though windy. Not too many pretty places to walk here.. we do have a trail but the leaves are all fallen now and it does get boring. I do miss walking in the woods like I used to years ago. No woods here though. Have I made enough excuses yet? :-) Your areas for walking look gorgeous and yes.. serene. The fresh air is so good for the soul too. Sorry your stress levels are so high right now.. I hope they decrease very soon.

  12. Once it becomes a habit, it's easier to get out each day. Good for you to walk, and explore....I'm hoping that you will share more photos of your travels with us...trees sounds delightful.
    Stay well.


  13. Hi. I lived in Lexington for many years, and took many walks at lovely Ashland and the neighborhood around it. I recently moved to Frankfort. Lexington is a wonderful place but finding good places to walk and have serenity at the same time is challenging. Most of the parks seem to be very oriented toward busy, noisy activities like soccer for the kids. That's fine for youngsters but sometimes peace and quiet is what is needed!

    Here are a few places in Lexington you might not be aware of that offer some serenity. First off, have you walked on the Legacy Trail on the north side of town? A lot of it is isolated and I wouldn't want to walk there alone. But there is a spot north of town that is like a park and very pleasant. It is where Research Park Drive runs off of Ironworks Pike, very close to the Horse Park. This location has several architecturally interesting buildings surrounded by nice grounds and a pretty pond where Canada geese and some ducks like to hang out. There are a few picnic tables and benches and the Legacy Trail skirts the area as it heads toward the Horse Park. If you google Asphalt Institute (one of the offices there) you will find it. I know Asphalt Institute doesn't sound pretty, but it actually is a very interesting looking building with some nice landscaping. Another spot is Beaumont Park, bordered by Williamsburg and Athenia roads in the Gardenside-Garden Springs part of town west of Harrodsburg Road. This park has no sidewalks or trails (and unfortunately no benches). It is just a few acres of grassy area dotted with a really nice selection of shrubs and trees, and it is a really nice place to take a stroll if you are up to walking on grassy slopes. If you take a blanket it is a nice spot to sit and have a little picnic. The park is a remnant of the old Beaumont horse farm (as is the Beaumont Centre shopping area on out Harrodsburg Road. The neighborhood around Beaumont park is a great place for walking -- 1960s-era ranches and colonials with huge trees. Look for Beaumont Presbyterian Church on google maps, and you'll spot this tiny park just a block or so away from the church. The church would be a good place to park to start your walk, actually.

    One more spot that is so pretty in Lexington is Gratz Park, downtown. It is a very tiny park but it is in the middle of a historic area of downtown that is pleasant to walk around in, right next to Transylvania University. The park is bordered by the old Lexington Public Library building that now houses the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. If you haven't heard of that place, you might be interested because it is devoted to promoting reading and writing for all ages.

    I hope you find some more wonderful places for walking.


    You can find information on all of the local parks at that link. I want to add that an amazing urban nature park is McConnell Springs Park off of old Frankfort Road, which has paved paths that are easy to walk on. Hisle Park on Briar Hill Road is like walking through a pasture (in a pleasant way since there are no cows or cow patties) and Raven Run nature preserve on Jacks Creek Pike has much more strenuous hiking but some easier trails too. But, not sure you'd want to be alone at any of them since you can get into isolated areas. Happy walking!

    1. Love Raven Run, but I definitely need to find a walking buddy for some of these.

  15. the pictures of your area really make me want to get out and walk too. lovely.


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