Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Even though the days are still hot, the mornings have cooled down and are perfect for walking. I have stuck to my plan and have walked every morning since I wrote my post last week. 

A couple of mornings I have really had to drag myself out of bed, but I am always so happy when I hit the pavement. I'm trying to add distance a little at a time, so today I ventured more out into my surrounding neighborhood. 

I've really been noticing the subtle changes of the season as each day passes.

A lone defiant sunflower continues to seek the sun.

A couple of tomatoes still cling to their vine waiting to be picked.

But as much as nature tries to hold onto summer days, the early signs of Autumn are there. 

The sidewalks are littered with acorns, which the squirrels are noisily fighting over, and a few leaves are starting to change. 

As much as I would like for summer to go on forever, I know it can't and so I too am making small changes.

Today I have a chicken with some vegetables in the crockpot. It will give me several meals. I'll have chicken for two days and then I'll make a casserole and chicken soup. I'll divide it up and add it to the freezer for meals next month. 

I also created a tiered fall centerpiece yesterday and I'll share that later in the week. As I really don't have room in my budget for fall decor, I shopped my house. Can't wait to show you the result. 

Have you started decorating for fall yet, and how are those of you who said they were going to start walking doing?
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  1. I cook in the crock pot. Then I take individual sandwich baggies and freeze what I can in my small freezer. Is your fridge a decent size?

  2. I cook a lot in my crock pot too. My crock pot warms up my little kitchen so it adds to the warmth in winter. So do all the little soupy concoctions I sip for meals - and between meals. LOL

  3. I'm glad you've committed to getting out and walking Laura. That is something I need to do this fall. It was good to have my sister here as we did walk a fair amount but now she's left I don't like to walk alone. I love your photos of the leaves and acorns. Have a beautiful day!

  4. It is starting to feel like Fall around here also. I don't know that I will decorate much this year. Congrats on the walking!

  5. Glad you are enjoying your walks! I haven't been able to go as much as I'd like -- about every two days. Your photos are beautiful

  6. I haven't started walking yet! Bad girl. Do you get up and just go walk right away? or do you have your morning ritual first? It would seem strange to get up and just go... I like to have my tea first and check emails and blogs.. but by then, I'm immersed into blogland and the computer in general! I think walking first is a much better idea! It IS fun to walk outside of our normal area in our neighborhoods.. I do enjoy seeing other peoples' yards and the changes of Fall. I don't decorate much except maybe a table vase of leaves and a few pumpkins scattered around. I would like to make some flannel fabric pumpkins this year if I can get motivated enough to do it!

  7. long walk for world peace at the labyrinth today - tomorrow in the garden.

  8. I long for these days. My favorite Acorns and that sky photo is so beautiful


  9. I'll be glad when I can get back to walking in the evenings. It's been too hot lately but I always feel better when I walk. And once you're in the habit, it's hard to take a day off! Can't wait to see how you've decorated for Fall! Hugs!


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