Friday, April 22, 2016

Today is the day I sign my lease, this weekend I will be moving over all of the things I want to take myself, and Monday the movers will be here bright and early.

Once again I am closing one door and opening another. Another phase in this crazy life.

Changes can be scary, even when they are something we really want. 

Leaving the comfort of the known for a life in the unknown always produces a bit of anxiety. 

For a while now I have felt like I have been on the outside looking in. Wanting so much to have a place of my own again.

Now the door has finally opened and the barriers have come down. 

There is a lot for me to do over the next couple of months, but even though I am feeling a little anxious, I am also excited about the changes.

No matter where we are in this journey of life, if we are willing to make changes and to move forward I think we will be constantly surprised by what lies ahead. 

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  1. Laura I am so excited for you. Your path has changed course so many times in the past few years but hopefully living in your own place again will get you on a path that will provide much joy.

  2. It's so true, change is scary. I commend you for getting out of your comfort zone and reaching for what you want in life. I am praying that this next chapter of your life will be filled with much happiness and joy!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. And no one deserves this more than you, my friend!

  4. I'm very excited for you, Laura - you will find such peace in having a home base once more. Best of luck with the move!! xo

  5. You go girl. You got this! I have been where you are now and even though it is scary it is all meant to be and you will see the wonderfulness of your new adventure in life. Best of luck with the move.

  6. Laura, Exciting and new ... I wish you well as you step through the gate onto your new path. Wishes for grace and continued clarity for every step.

    And Happiness for your weekend,

  7. I've been following your blog for awhile now and have been anxiously awaiting your move to your own place! I couldn't find WHY you are moving to a smaller place and why you haven't felt safe and secure where you are, but I am so glad for you and happy that you are making this change for yourself, that you've wanted to do for awhile now. Kudos to you for doing this and having the guts to do it! I look forward to hearing everything about your new home and your move and settling in. What an exciting (yet a little daunting) time for you!

  8. May good luck be your friend
    IN whatever you do.
    And may trouble be always
    A stranger to you.(Irish blessing)

  9. Thinking of you and sending you the best wishes ever!
    You are going to embrace this with all of your heart and soul-such a good thing.


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