Friday, December 18, 2015


The calendar says December 18. Christmas is six days away.

Christmas music greets us wherever we shop. 

Christmas movies play 24 hours a day on Hallmark and Lifetime. 

Children are busy composing their letters to Santa.

child letter Santa

We should be bundling up. Donning down jackets, mittens, and warm wool scarves. 

Mother Nature is laughing. Blowing in warm March like winds. Greeting us with days that are reminiscent of spring. 

The trees have lost their leaves finally, but lawns remain green and bulbs are tentatively poking tender shoots up through the ground. 

Shaker Village Kentucky winter

I love warm weather, so I am savoring each warm day that we have.

However, I am left wondering. Is this a reprieve before January comes howling in? Will we be feeling December's cold in March? Or will we be given a gift of a mild winter this year.

Shaker Village Kentucky

Mother Nature knows, but she seldom shares her secrets.

So we are left shaking our heads, wondering, and saying that it is indeed a most unusual time of the year.

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  1. We've had much milder days too. But we do now have a generous snow covering and the temperatures are dipping down into a more frosty range. We're also hoping for winter now and not in March, as you mention. Rats that your little bulbs are poking out -- will they survive if the weather turns colder now?

    Wishing you peace...

  2. I can't but help worrying for everyone who is living through those warm days, wondering if the East Coast is going to get a blast of winter when it least expects it. Brrr.....

    But make the most of these green days Laura...spring can't be far behind when this happens.


  3. It's cold here. Warmer earlier in the week. Crazy weather.

  4. Hi Laura,
    It is cold here outside Chicago finally and we got a dusting of snow last night. It was more like Spring weather here too before this week end. So it is beginning to feel more like Christmas. They are saying though we could be back up in the 50's on Christmas day. Crazy more like Easter than Christmas. Enjoy the week leading up to the big day. Merry Christmas.

  5. Yes it is. 70 yesterday 40 today. Happy holidays

  6. It is really unusually mild everywhere it seems, Laura, even up here. We've had very up and down temperatures as well but we have had snow and ice too. I think winter will hit in January. I recognize your photos of the Shaker village. We visited there many years ago. I wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas Laura. Enjoy.

  7. I am wondering myself. We have had some cold weather move in, here in central KY. Snow flurries appeared yesterday, but I am curious about the rest of the season.

  8. My understanding about this weird weather is that we're in an El Nino weather pattern that only happens every so many years. I watched a tv show about it hosted by our local Atlanta news anchors. They talked about the impact expected in GA. It's believed that we will have a wetter than usual winter and mixed with the cold air, it could be icy and snowy for us in 2016. But, it's very hard to know until it gets closer to that time of year. But that is the prediction anyway. Last year, the west didn't get much snow and the east was pounded! Currently, it's reversed. Anyway, for whatever it's worth, that is why we're having strange weather right now.

  9. We're having the same kind of hot weather in Brittany. We even had a summer thunder storm announced by the weather forecast for last night... That didn't happen, though, fortunately!

  10. I have to share does make a person wonder, doesn't it???
    It's been very warm here as well with some thunder and lighting.


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