Monday, November 2, 2015

Do you remember this song? 

The universe sends us little signs or messages everyday, but much of the time we don't pay attention to what they may really mean. 

Yesterday I stumped my toe three times on the same thing as I was rushing around trying to get something done. OUCH!!! It just made me mad at myself, but I kept on rushing. Then I dropped something heavy on that same toe. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes and I rushed to get an ice pack for the pain. As I set there nursing my poor bruised toe I had time to close my eyes and think about why this was happening. 

Maybe, just maybe , the universe was sending me a message that I needed to slow down and think about the path I was taking. Maybe I have not been paying enough attention to where I have been heading. 

Thursday I had my first colonoscopy. My doctor tricked me into getting it done by telling me there was a small correlation between a medication I am on and colon cancer. He should have said teeny correlation, but then I probably wouldn't have done it. As it happens they found what was described as a "diminutive polyp", which they would biopsy, but which he assured me was nothing to worry about. I will get the results of the biopsy in two weeks. In the meantime I have been rushing around like a crazy woman to try and keep from worrying. 

I never considered that I might have a polyp. I don't smoke or drink. I haven't eaten red meat in 18 years. I try to eat a healthy diet, but I have lived with a lot of stress for a long time and stress is a contributor to health problems. Another sign maybe that I need to rethink the path that I am on. 

There are so many signs. Getting stuck in traffic. Annoying people in line at the grocery. Stumping your toe. Unexpected bills showing up. Instead of grumbling when these things happen, maybe we need to take time to breathe and to think about what they are telling us. 

I plan to think about the small signs I have been receiving. I know that I can't control everything, so I need to work on changing what I can, helping where I can, and letting things I can't control go. I am going to think about my path and find more serenity.

Do you think about the signs that you get?

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  1. Stress is a contributor to health problems, sometimes I even think more than the food we eat, especially if we hold it in.
    Yes, relax, breathe and know that your journey is on the path that it needs to be.

    1. Thanks, Jemma. I think this may be a counselor heal thyself time :)

  2. I can always tell when I need to relax and let go. I get critical of others, snappy, edge, yes, I stump my toe and get mad. Then is when we need to pause the most. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. I agree with Jemma - stress can do terrible things to your body. I remember when I was going through my divorce the stress was so terrible my hair actually curled! I've had pin straight hair all my life and all of a sudden? Spiral curls!! That's not to mention all the other things, the heart palpitations, weight gain, not sleeping....but the curly hair was an eye opener to me! Slow down, breathe, light a candle, put on some peaceful music....and count your many blessings.
    xo Thinking of you

  4. Great! Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. LOL! Yes, I remember that song well. I have had bad days like that before and you do have to wonder if the world (or God) is telling you to STOP what you're doing. I'm sorry to hear about the outcome of your colonoscopy but actually it's a good thing that the polyp was removed since it can lead to cancer! I've already had 2 colonoscopies in my life time and I'm just 51. They are SO necessary. By the time you have symptoms of colon cancer, often it is very advanced. I'm glad that your doctor "tricked" you into getting it! I have to get colonoscopies more often than others because I have a disease that makes me at higher risk of getting colon cancer.

  5. The mind-body correlation is huge, especially when it comes to anything with our "gut"! It's even called the second brain. Please try not to worry about the polyp - they are very common. My husband is only 55, has already had 3 colonoscopies (due to his dad having colon cancer) and like you, he eats very healthy, he has never smoked or drank and he works out every single day. But he's had a polyp or 2 every single time. Blessings to you!

  6. I do think about those things a lot! As I've gotten older I know how I am trying to really listen to my body and the signs I need to slow down, de-stress and take batter care of me!

  7. Yes- I do believe we are given little signs all along the way and often we just ignore them (well, I will own that- I ignore them) and keep pushing along the same path. I am going to share about my colonoscopy on my blog this week sometime. I,too, am waiting for some results. xo Diana

  8. I think the Lord gives us all signs - if we would just listen. LOL At least that's what I do. Will be praying for good results on your results.


  9. Such a perfect post, and so true. Thanks for making me slow down this morning.

  10. As we age health scares increase. I am pleased that you had your colonoscopy. Tests like this save lives. If I had not had a baseline mammogram in my 40's, I may not be here today, as they compared a mammo performed.when I was 58 to the original and saw a change in cell growth.

    There world is loaded with stress, however we have a wealth of options to escape without leaving our home. I recently felt one of my most peaceful moments in life. It was amazing. (Perhaps like meditating.) It was like the load of the world was lifted off of me. Although brief, it was amazing.

    Prayers for positive results, and praise for an intuitive physician, Laura. With computer statistics driving healthcare, I fear that we are losing "intuitive medicine" . . . or . . ."Signs", as you say.
    Lovely post, as always.

  11. I am so sorry about all of my typos above, Laura. Pushed the publish button instead of preview!


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