Okay, this is not a DIY post. At least not in the sense that you think of DIY.

This is about wrinkles. No, not wrinkles in my clothes. I gave up ironing several years ago and have not looked back. 

This is about those other wrinkles. The ones that you get up one morning, look in the mirror, and say where in the heck did those come from. 

I always loved this photo because you couldn't see my freckles
I remember being a little girl and hating all of my freckles. Freckled face, freckled arms, freckled legs. As is the way of kids, I was teased and wanted to just get rid of those darn freckles. 

My best friend came up with what we thought was a great idea. SANDPAPER!!! If sandpaper could take rough patches off of wood, it was bound to be able to get rid of my freckles. I was rummaging around in my father's workshop when he caught me and asked what I was doing. I proudly shared my idea with him. That put an end to that. 

I was stuck with those freckles, but I'm thinking of revisiting the sandpaper idea for my wrinkles. I mean after all, if sandpaper can smooth out an old rough piece of wood, think what it could do for wrinkles. It could revolutionize the market for wrinkle removers. For just pennies those wrinkles would be gone. 

The other day I had this conversation with my mom.
Mom: You have such pretty skin, Laura. What do you use on it?
Me: Sandpaper
Mom: Hmmm!!!

I was sure she was going to say "pass the sandpaper". She may be onto me. 
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  1. Wrinkles = wisdom. Be proud of them!

  2. LOL- You may be onto the latest thing there, Laura! xo Diana

  3. I don't mind wrinkles, but no sagging please! lol

    1. I am not particularly fond of sagging either. I'm thinking the sandpaper might not work for that.

  4. Oh the joys of getting "mature" Love this post, and I'm off to the hardware store for some sandpaper too!

  5. Laura,
    This is great, can we buy it in bulk for a discount! Lol!

  6. Too funny! I can't believe you were really going to use sandpaper on your freckles. Thank goodness your dad intervened in time. Ha Ha. I wish removing wrinkles was really as simple as using sandpaper though.

    1. Wouldn't it be great if we could remove wrinkles that easily, Kelly.

  7. Hahaha, Laura! Embrace those they cover things up! xo, T.

  8. My CB Handle when we were traveling cross country with our camper back in the 70's was FRECKLES!!

    Hated them. Never could get rid of them.

    Not too fond of the wrinkles either. :(

    I'm grateful today for GOOD MAKEUP!!

    1. My freckles have pretty much faded on my face, but now when I see freckles I think they look great.

  9. Much cheaper than those expensive wrinkle creams (that don't work anyway), that's for sure! Thanks for the chuckle today.

  10. What a cute story. I woke up this morning and after looking in the mirror - I quickly looked away in denial. What is up with my puffy eye lids?

    You have beautiful features and whether it's freckles or wrinkles you're beautiful all the way through.


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