Have you ever had a morning that was so horrendously awful you just wanted a do over? This has been one of those mornings and so I thought in order to bring some serenity into the day I needed a little humor.

Thursday night a friend of mine asked me what the highlight of my day had been. I told her it was getting a new bra in the mail from Amazon. She leaned over and told me I needed to get a life.

As soon as they notify me I'll let you know.

Happy Monday.
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  1. Thanks for the chuckle! I hope that tomorrow morning is your do-over and brings you some joy.

  2. Thanks for making us smile. By the way, you do have a life.

  3. Hi Laura...Hey, I think getting a new bra is a good cause for celebration, too! Hope the rest of your day turned out good. Here's to a happy Tuesday, too! Susan

  4. Hey finding the right bra is a big moment and should be celebrated!!!! Sometimes the highlight of my day can be the mail so I get it!!! Sometimes you have to enjoy the little parts of life too.
    Have a great week.

  5. Isn't it wonderful that every morning has the possibility to be a do-over in a way? This was such a cute post, thanks for the morning giggle!!

  6. You summed this up so perfectly and delightfully!

  7. Hahaha! We all have mornings like that! Good to have a sense of humor about life! I'm beginning a free online workshop called, " Live Your Dream Life Now" over at my new blog, mybalancedlifejourney.com. I'd love to have you follow along and give me your feedback since you were a counselor and now blog about serenity. I also sell vintage treasures. We have lots in common! Have a nice weekend!


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