Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We have all heard the saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade". Definitely good advice, but sometimes life seems to toss an awful lot of lemons at you. 

lemon slices

First of all I want to thank you for your sweet comments you left on my post yesterday "when inspiration flees". They mean so much to me, and of course how could I not feel anything but inspired by them. Blogging friends are the best friends in the world.

My late father used to say, "life gets tedious". He was so right. Life can get very tedious, and when we seem to be dodging lemons it can get very tedious indeed.

I have had a lot going on recently, both large and small. I won't go into the large things (that would cause tedium). Here are a couple of the small things. A couple of days ago I spent an hour photographing and listing this wonderful mid-century hand thrown laundry sprinkler pottery piece in my Etsy shop

Isn't it wonderful. Or I should say wasn't it wonderful. As soon as I had it listed I gently set it on a shelf and heard a loud crunch. When I picked it up the bottom was off and lying in two pieces on the shelf. Listing removed. SIGH!!!

Then I decided I would start making some rag wreaths and try putting one in my booth to see if it would sell. 

Yesterday I took it to the booth and proudly hung it at the front. I stepped away for a minute and when I came back a lady had it in her cart. Well, Hooray!! She asked me if I made it, and she said she loved it and was going to hang it on her guestroom door. Last night when I checked to see my sales they amounted to $7.54. I called to see what happened to the wreath. The wreath has disappeared. Seriously?? Did she somehow stuff it under her shirt and walk out with it. Those wreaths take a while for me to make. SIGH!!! 

Life is getting tedious. 

I think I may need a larger fruit bin for those lemons, but then what should we do when life gives us lemons. Well my first reaction last night was anger and frustration. How dare these things happen to me. Then I sat down and burst into laughter. After all in the scheme of things these events while frustrating are not life altering. Yes, I very much need the income from them, but I will keep working, and I will thank that woman, in my mind, for loving my wreath so much that she felt forced to steal it so that it would make her happy.

What should we do when life gives us lemons? Toss them back. Change the way we think about them. Turn them into something sweet. Life will always toss lemons at us, and it is up to us what we do with them. I am choosing not to dwell on their sour taste. Instead, I see lots of lemonade in my future.

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  1. Yikes, yes I'd say there are a few lemons lurking around. Well make lemonade and lemon squares with powdered sugar on them...might as well turn them into something good! hugs, Linda

  2. Yucky lemons! Maybe that lady just carried that wreath around, decided she didn't want it, and then placed it somewhere else - you know- kind of like people do in the grocery store. Hopefully, it will turn up. Hope you get some sweet lemonade coming your way now. xo Diana

  3. I agree with NanaDiana. Hopefully the wreath will turn up.

  4. Oh no Laura! That is upsetting! I hope that she didn't intentionally take it without paying. I would say you are due a long run of good luck! Hoping it comes your way!

  5. So sorry about the wreath, Laura. If she comes back to pay for it, that'd be wonderful but it probably won't happen. Guess we have to realize that sometimes those lemons come rolling toward us with a vengeance. i do believe in karma, though. And people who steal from us will eventually get theres. Never could understand how one could love something they've ripped off from someone else. Hope your day tomorrow is much, much better. Susan

  6. good choice to make even if you have to put a bit more sugar in the glass.

  7. Tried to leave a comment from my phone last night..but...well techy things, and late nights.

    Make some lemon curd, at least one good thing will come from all this bad stuff. And as for that woman, I hope that Karma leaves a sour taste in her mouth. That's just plain bad.


  8. Stealing is an offence and it's just amazing to me how people think nothing of it and I can't help but wonder how often they do shoplift. Is it a game to them? I do hope you end up with lots of lemonade!

  9. I WANT THAT WREATH!! Maybe the place where your booth is credited the purchase to someone else by mistake! Just trying to give the woman benefit of the doubt :)

  10. So sorry that that happened to you. I attend a lot of shows and frequently things go missing, I always think to myself that they must have needed it more than me. Thanks for the reminder that everyone has lemons thrown their way, sometimes it feels as if we are the only ones.


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