Friday, March 27, 2015

I don't know about you, but this year already seems to be whizzing by at breakneck speed. It means that before I know it, I will be moving to Georgia into a very small, 550 square ft, apartment. Although I am very excited about it, I also have moments of panic. 

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I will be moving and consolidating personal possessions from two locations. There are the things that I have accumulated over the last six years and all of the things that I have had in storage in North Carolina during that time. It is hard for me to believe that it has been that long, but as I said, time has apparently whizzed by. 

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I am actually not sure what all I have in NC, as many things were stolen from me and other things were heavily damaged. I do know that I will be gifting some of the family antiques to my daughters. Time to pass them on. I am not a believer that they should have to wait for my demise. I will also be donating and selling some other things, and then there is the problem that I will need things like a couch and chair for the living room. I do know that those were things that were taken from me. 

In the meantime, I am working out what is necessary to downsize to such a small space. I found an article at Apartment Therapy on the 10 commandments of small space living. You can read the entire article here. Some of the suggestions are things that I can work on now before the move and others will have to wait. 

Decluttering is a big one. I am trying to go through things that I have here. Donate, throw away, and sell are my three big plans. I will also have to do more of this after I move. 

vintage dresser bedside table

Making furniture do double duty is something I already do. For example, I use a dresser as one of my bedside tables. It works perfectly. This is one that my mom was given back in the 1940s. It is a little worse for the wear now, so I have plans to paint it.

vintage suitases

My collection of vintage suitcases, boxes, and baskets also do double duty as storage pieces.

Some of their other suggestions are: getting out more in the community, (I will be living close to downtown Decatur, so can't wait to walk places), keep up on the cleaning, (no problem as there will just be me), and have a sense of humor about the size, (I am going to love it).

So, what's a girl to do? I'm making a list and checking it twice a million times.

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P.S. There are more small space living ideas on my Pinterest board here and on my small space series here.

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  1. Wow, good luck downsizing that will surely be a challenge. Hubby and I have been considering selling and building something smaller currently we have a 3600 sq ft home but I would love to downsize to about 1000. I can't wait to see how you do it all :)

  2. You might have to rethink the chair and couch in a living room of a space that size. I don't know how your place is laid out though.

  3. That will certainly be a challenge to downsize to such a small space. I agree that the first step is decluttering. I like your unique storage ideas, too. Don't forget about the storage space underneath your bed.

  4. The good thing is that you have a plan! Decluttering is something we all probably need to do. I just donated 7 large trash bags of clothing to our local Goodwill. Seven!! Your new apartment sounds exciting. At times, I would love to be able to walk to a favorite coffee shop or baked goods store. Your sense of humor will take you a long way on your journey!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  5. You are so lucky to have this time to plan and work on your downsizing. I moved to quickly I did an initial downsizing but I'm still working on it a year + later! Getting there! I also have realized that Somethings I kept are indeed going to find a new home. Always a work in progress! Can't wait until you are in Georgia and we can meet in person.


  6. I'm excited for you to move here! I have a childhood friend that lives in Decatur so I am somewhat familiar with the area. I think you'll really like it. I'm sure everything will work out once you start the move process.

  7. Laura, In a 550sq.ft. space will have to remember to use your vertical space also. I wish you the best in de-cluttering. That is hard thing to do at times. Give your children the thing you want them to have. I have given my girls many things that were given to me by my MIL. Things worth having. Blessings dear friend, xoxo,Susie

  8. Good luck to you. I do hope you are able to sell most of your things to at least make a profit.

  9. I am helping my sister-in-law to move into a space that is just slightly bigger than the one you are going into. She is coming from a three bedroom place with a basement and large garage. It has been a tough experience so far---what to keep-what to take-what to sell-what to give. All hard choices. Good luck to you- I know what you are going through. xo Diana

  10. As soon as I read "storage in NC", I remembered about your things being stolen. (I had forgotten. I'm sorry.)
    I'm glad you have a plan and are checking off things on your to do list. It's not easy, I know. We've been in our downsized home for almost 8 months and I already feel cluttered again. Somehow the stuff keeps creeping back in. I've been waiting for spring to declutter again. It really is an ongoing battle. I will continue to wish you luck as you work through this.

  11. Downsizing takes a lot of discipline, I think. Our daughter and son-in-law live in a small, about 700 sq ft apartment and organization is key. I'm sorry to hear of the theft of your things.

  12. Have you read about the KonMari method (believe that is what it is called), appatently it has helped many. I tried it in my wardrobe and got rid of a lot. Best of luck and a happy,blessed Easter. Loove your vintage suitcases! Pam xx

  13. Hello beautiful Laura!
    Have you heard of this blog?
    It's about a family of five living in 665 sq ft in Wyoming. The beauty of blogland is how many times we find a piece of our self when we visit others! Is it only me? I somehow feel like I found Laura Ingalls Wilder living in "our" world when I landed on Carmella's blog!
    I know that your home in Decatur is going to be wonderful. Can't wait to be a part of your journey!

  14. I live in a small aprtment after years 30 of them, lol, in a house, adjusting was hard but you and I share many the same ideas and you always give me inspiration, you truly do,

  15. Since I live on ss now this is what I think. I had much to get rid of and I did. Many family members had hands out which was good for me to a point. I wish I had kept copper bottom pans, and a vintage yard stick. Just me letting you know my thoughts that might help you. When I move again to a smaller place I will either have a small storage barn or store things in a storage unit. Like you I had things stolen from me. But that is behind me now. There are things I will need to keep for my sanity. Even if after a couple of years I sell them or pass them on to family. A certain amount needs to go but then again for me giving to others what I really want to keep made me feel I gave my power away. Strange maybe. All those taking had much more than I did. That part does not bother me but I do want to think smart in my next move and take good care of myself. I hope this helps a little and your thoughts clear as you think of how you want to handle things. Best to you sort, give and sell etc. Also as the economy is failing some even my niece has come back after 3 years declaring certain items hers. She is beginning with a text telling me how much she misses me. Within the next 2 or 3 texts she will ask for things that no longer exist. In fact, were sold by my father in about 1982 because he had 5 years of a terminal illness and needed the money. You may have faced these things too. Best to you...enjoy your blog so much.

  16. I guess I didn't know you then, so I don't know the story of what was stolen, or how. I'm very sorry for what you lost, though.

    when we get to move stuff back in after the reno is complete, we are going to be RUTHLESS in what we allow back in, particularly in our kitchen. This has been a good lesson for us. :)

  17. I remember when you had your things stolen and was hoping you had recovered them. Best of luck to you as you decide what to keep or get rid of, I know that would be hard for me to do.

  18. My feeling is that you can always find room for the things you love and what you don't love or really need? That can be donated or given away or sold. I am a big believer in having a few large scale pieces - they actually make a room look bigger. And don't worry about the sofa and chair fitting - just make sure the length of the sofa works, but other than can make it work. We have a loveseat and three chairs in the living room, which is tiny! And a long sofa and an easy chair in the den, which is just as tiny!


  19. You have so many beautiful things - must be hard to downsize...


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