Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I sit here day in and day out looking at my desk and wanting to paint it, but it means moving it out of my room and finding a place where it is warm enough. It is definitely not warm enough in my garage. 

This is the color it is now. 

desk needs painting

It is actually a little darker than it shows in the photo and it looks dirty. I think it will look a lot better if I paint it white. I bought the paint a year ago and haven't done it. I'm really not the best painter in the world, but if I want it done I am going to have to bite the bullet at some point.

The other thing is this old tobacco stick picket, hanging over the desk, that I hate the color of. It also needs to be painted. Maybe I will do it first. It's a lot smaller.

So I definitely have some work to do and all I need is some energy to get it done.

Now on to the birthday. Thirty nine years ago I gave birth to my wonderful daughter, Cary. 

This is a photo of Cary and my younger daughter Katy taken about 27 years ago.

Today she is the mother of my three wonderful grandchildren. I am so proud of the amazing woman she has become. 

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

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  1. happy birthday to your daughter. :)

  2. Sweet post! My daughter Sara has a birthday later this month.

    1. My other daughter has a birthday this month, too. We sure got lucky in February, Linda.

  3. Hi Laura...

    I know exactly what you mean about having undone projects but not having the energy to do them. Oh yeah. It's a common scenario around here.

    I find writing things down helps me to get them done. Susan p.s. Thanks for your visits.

    1. They are written down and still not done. I wish I had a little painting fairy :)

  4. Painting is difficult to do indoors especially when you don't have a basement or warm spot in winter. I like the blue in the chair at your desk and think the 'fence' on the wall would look pretty in blue. Happy birthday to your dear daughter.

    1. I have thought about blue for the picket. I just haven't figured out what shade I want. I may start out doing it in white and then maybe repaint it blue later.

  5. Such a sweet birthday message for your daughter, Laura.

    Your desk area looks lovely; love the photo fence on the wall!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    I sure know what you mean about getting the energy to do anything when it's winter. I really have to push myself.

  7. A big Happy Birthday to your daughter...both are so cute!!

    I have heard that the "action" comes before the motivation. Does that make sense? Unless you are planning to use spray paint...spread a drop cloth out on the largest space you have and have a go at it. You'd be surprised how stress relieving it is. If you only want to do a bit at a time...wrap your paint brush in a plastic bag or Clingwrap...it will be fresh to use the next time. I know you can do it!!! :)

    Jane xxx

  8. Happy Birthday to adorable Cary!

    Laura! I have a desk to paint too!
    It's hard for me to get motivated to paint in the darkness of the winter months. (I prefer sewing and crafting.) For paint projects like this, I wish to be outside in the fresh air!

    Jane above me is a good motivator!
    Go for it and share! The pickets will be wonderful in white!

    I wish you warm and cozy! (It's so cold where you live right now!)

  9. Happy Birthday to Cary!! Didn't you tell me that you went to school here and Cary and named your daughter after Cary, NC? I like Cary now, but I'm sure when you spent time here it was less crowded and more quaint.


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