Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Monday, and if there was ever a Monday morning that I woke up with a feeling of doubting myself, this was it. I doubted my blog writing skills, I doubted my ability to run a successful Etsy business, I doubted my ability to choose the right things for my booth, I doubted my personal skills.....well, you get the picture.

Then an email popped up from my friend, Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams, and it set me on the right track. God, the Universe, whatever you personally believe, was listening and sent me just what I needed at the right moment. 

It made me really think about the self-doubt, and I knew it was time for me to take a step in the right direction. I need to stop doubting myself.

stop doubting yourself
Okay, that sounds great, but just how do we stop doubting ourselves, and as a counselor, why is it so much easier for me to help others stop doubting themselves while holding on to my own self-doubt.

1) One of the first things we all need to to do is work to take control of the stress in our lives. Some of the ways to do that is pray, meditate, laugh, smile, spend time with loved ones.

2) We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. I am so guilty of this, but we need to realize that each one of us has a different path. What works for someone else may not be what is best for you. 

3) Do you worry about what other people think of you? Do you do what they think is best instead of following your own dreams and plans. Stop listening to everyone else. You are the expert on yourself. That doesn't mean that someone may not have a good idea, but it does mean you should think it through and decide if it is right for you and the path you have chosen.

4) We must all embrace the fact that it is okay to fail. Einstein failed 1,000 times. Want a list of all the really successful people who had failures or were told they couldn't do something? Check it out here. If they were able to do it, so are we.

5) Read or listen to inspirational books. It is wonderful to be told you can. I personally like the books by Wayne Dyer. He writes in a way that makes it easy for me. (no I am not being compensated by him. I just love the books)

6) So now it is time to tell all of that doubt goodbye. If necessary write a farewell letter to it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other as you travel down your path. Who know where it may lead you or what you may find. The journey can be half the fun, and it sure beats sitting at home going nowhere because of all of the doubt.

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  1. Wow Laura, I might have sent you the email..but your message is perfect timing for me also.. I do believe God gives us what we need, when we need it, incidentally I've gotten that email in my inbox before...I realized it right after I sent it to you that I had read it before, but obviously we both needed something that came from it.

    There are ups and downs...doubt, and absolute belief that this is what we should be doing. I think it's all part of our journey.

    I love that you mentioned not comparing yourself to others, that we are all on our own's can be so easy to wonder why we are where we are at any given point in life.

    Great advice Laura...I needed it just as much as you did today. Thank you.


    1. Thanks, Jen. I think the not comparing yourself to others is a huge component. There are always going to be people that we perceive as being and having more than us.

  2. Me in a nutshell! Thank you Laura, for great encouragement. pam xx

  3. What a great post today. Full of fabulous ideas:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. I like the idea of a "fare well post" to doubt. Just stopping by to say hi Laura.

  5. This is so common, I think. We all do it / happy to see you encouraging us to do it much less.

  6. This is so common, I think. We all do it / happy to see you encouraging us to do it much less.


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