Friday, February 6, 2015

Downsizing to a smaller place to live usually means a smaller bedroom, and that means finding creative ways to make the best use of the space. I know that I want my bedroom to be attractive and cozy no matter what size it is. 

Need more floor space? Book shelves hung the length of a room at ceiling height will help with that while giving you a place for your books as well as display space. 

bookshelves small bedroom decor

No room for a nightstand, a deep window sill can take its place. Love the blue and white color scheme.

tiny bedroom window sill nightstand

Floor to ceiling shelves are another great idea, and if deep enough could also be used in place of a desk. Love the chandy.

small bedroom decor

I have actually used the next idea in one of my previous homes. A desk can do double duty as a nightstand.

small bedroom decor

Layering shades and gauzy curtains gives a wonderful light and airy look to a small bedroom.

small bedroom window treatment

All of these ideas and original photo credits can be found on Apartment Therapy.

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  1. Great the high shelves.

  2. Actually, I have what I think of as a pretty large bedroom in my apartment. And I do love Apartment Therapy!

  3. Beautiful ideas we can apply to small and bigger areas. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I'm all about shelves to utilize all the space you can!

  5. I love these ideas, Laura. Although the guest bedrooms at the lake are configured quite differently, they are small and I have an idea now as to working on making them more functional instead of just giving up. Thanks!

    Jane x

  6. I would hate to make that bed in the second picture. LOL Reminds me of having to crawl in fore peak of the sailboat to make the bed. Debbie

  7. Very interesting ideas. My bedroom isn't that small by French standards, but it has lots of nooks and so it's not easy to organise. I wouldn't like to paint the ceiling brown as in one of the pictures, though, I think it would darken the room tremendously.


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