Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It is spring isn't it? I have on my cropped pants and tee shirt. My ceiling fan is going and I was just out on my patio transplanting this little guy. (oh my, look at that crack that has developed in my corner)

I was in Home Depot this morning and he started calling my name. Laura, Laura come rescue me. How could I turn him down when he was only $2.97 and I need a new plant for this pot. Also, as we are having March weather, I was really wanting to get my hands in some dirt. 

I really went to Home Depot to get some succulent soil. I am trying my hand at propagating some succulents. I received a wonderful succulent wreath for Christmas from my daughter's in-laws. 

It is snuggled next to my lemon tree and has really been growing and blooming since I brought it home. Seems to love both the sunny window and the grow light. 

When I moved it for watering, I accidentally knocked off three leaves. OOPS!! 

I took the leaves and laid them out on a paper towel. Every few days I sprinkled the towel with a little water and look what happened. (photo courtesy of the new lens I got for my iphone)

I'm actually getting baby succulents. (much better than the baby dust bunnies I found last week)

So let's see, new plant, baby succulents, new camera lenses, and March like weather. Now where did I put those flip flops? 

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  1. yay for a lovely january spring day! i mowed a bit of yard, here, yesterday. :)

  2. Hello Laura.Happy for your baby succulents! How cute!

    Alas, it is far from spring here. It's going down to 9 degrees tonight but that's okay. It's part of life in New England and honestly, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Susan

    1. Aren't they adorable. I was just flying by the seat of my pants on that one. I am definitely not a winter person anymore, but I did used to love it. I will be remembering these couple of springlike days when it turns cold again next week.

  3. I am really impressed with your new lens. It's really good! I use an iPhone 4 for all of my blogging what are you using? My contract is almost finished and I have to decide if I want a new phone.

  4. Flip flops...hmm. Spring seems so very far away here with 50 cm of snow fallen over the last 24 hrs and temperatures dropping down towards - 15. I am going to work with spring colours inside after l have taken dog out and dug my car out. I love succulents, my favourite plants. I have some indoors and outside (somewhere beneath the white blanket) l have one called "takl√łk" meaning roof-onions! Weird name :). Wish you a really lovely day, Pam xx

  5. love this succulant wreath! Do you have an idea where I could buy one for my daughter. So nice! Did not think of using a light on one. I will now. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What fun! A succulent wreath is such a clever idea! have a wonderful Wednesday, Laura.

  7. I've never tried real succulents before. I love how they look though. I've heard they are easy to take care of too. We are having mild pretty weather too, but it's all about to change again. I think today is our last day for nice weather. Rain and colder weather is heading our way. I need to enjoy today while I can.

  8. Too cold here for that kind of clothing! I'll have to try this once I get some succulents.


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