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Sunday, January 25, 2015


I've done my weekly Trader Joe's and Whole Foods run, and now this little birdie and I are just sitting here relaxing and watching the snow melt. 

It was pretty while it lasted, but it has warmed up into the forties this afternoon and rain is on the way. I think I will spend what is left of the afternoon visiting some blogging friends. Tonight of course I will be tuned into Downton Abbey.

What are you up to?

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  1. we warmed into the 60s but the wind was pretty fierce. went for a walk, then dived into leftover chili. :)

  2. It was suppose to be warm here but didn't happen. But, can't complain - we don't have snow. I just did a new little vignette for my entry just to do something. Your little bird looks very content.


  3. It was sunny but cold here today. I spent time with family and now I'm home and waiting for Downton Abbey also. Looks like two new episodes tonight?


  4. Here in Western PA the forecast was that I'd be waking up to at least 5 inches while the snow was still falling resulting in at least 8 inches or more.

    Well there's about 2 inches of fresh snow...3 tops. I guess they changed the forecast :) We got some icy rain as well though, so there's another school delay.

    Pretty little bird! :)

  5. Enjoy the warm up! It's still very chilly here.

  6. Laura,
    Will you keep your vintage shop when you move? You may already read this blog but 20 North Ora has the prettiest gathering of things on her wall this morning. Your blog speaks to me as I too need to downsize and figure out what to do with things. I will have a tag sale in the spring and really don't want to. Somehow it bothers me to have folks looking over the family things. Saying this and that. But some things must go and this is the only way I know to do it. Much has been given away. Have a wonderful day!


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