Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sometimes I feel like an eternal student. I love learning. However, I have to admit that I hated school when I was young. It wasn't the learning part of school that I hated, it was the rigidity of the whole process. I very quickly became bored. 

I have learned through the years that I am a visual learner, a creative leaner, an imaginative learner. My mind is always busy. If I was a child in a traditional school today they might say I have attention deficit disorder, because my mind quickly jumps from one thought to the next. It is like turning the pages of a book very quickly so that you can see what happens next.

For me, learning brings color to the world. It heightens my senses and it keeps life interesting. Next month I will turn 64, and I feel that I still have so much to learn. So I read and I study. There are so many sources of learning. Books, cereal boxes, grandchildren, the elderly, nature, the internet, the young woman who checks me out at the grocery.........and on and on. Each source has something new and interesting to add to my life.

Every day, I will continue to peer inside boxes, turn pages, and study, because I believe that learning is a lifetime process. It helps to keep me young and to feel that I am a part of the changing world, and maybe I can pass some of that learning on to those who are following behind me.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Laura, I agree with you completely. I don't mind getting older, in a wa,y because I feel wiser. I would love to look younger but never give up my experiences. I think creative minds have a hard time focusing in school...

    Enjoy your holiday week and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I know. If we could just look the same as we did in our twenties, but have all this wisdom. That would be great, Holly. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  2. beautifully put,

  3. I agree with you on the school. I had a doctor tell me 4 years ago that I had Attention Deficit Disorder and put me on meds. When I moved shortly after that the new doctor had me tested. Yup, didn't have ADD just creative and above average intelligence. My husband used to say I would be a full time student if it paid a living wage. He was right, I love to learn new things and create. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Debbie

  4. I hate that doctors are so quick to medicate people, and especially children, for ADD or ADHD. Creative thinking is a wonderful thing and we all learn differently. Have a wonderful holiday, Debbie.

  5. I am also a lifelong learner. I have to rely on lists to stay focused -- I am easily distracted!

  6. I just love that kind of approach to learning: everywhere and all the time, versus only at school... And I'm a teacher! But I know I can only teach so few things to my pupils!


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