Friday, August 29, 2014

a day at the florist

I have talked here on the blog before about my family's florist here in Lexington. Michler Florist is the oldest florist and greenhouses here in central Kentucky, and has been voted Lexington's favorite florist.

It is a magical place founded in 1902, at its current location, by my great grandfather, Carl Michler, who came to the US from Germany in 1869. It was originally named Michler Brothers, but was renamed Michler's Florist when my grandfather Louis took over the business. Louis along with his wife Carrie and children Karl and Mary Jean (my mother) lived in a home next to the florist.

As a child I had many wonderful times visiting my grandparents in that house, playing in the greenhouses, and working at Easter bagging corsages. As a young mother I introduced my two daughters, Cary and Katy, to the florist.

These days I love taking my grandchildren and passing the love on to them. Sitting in what I call Aunt Rose's greenhouse, where she kept her pet birds,

seeing the awe in their faces,

wandering through the spaces where my mom rode her tricycle,

seeing the potting shed where I climbed up on a high stool to sit by the side of my grandfather while he taught me the proper way to pot a plant,

and looking at the remnants of the greenhouse that my father built, where they are now constructing an outdoor beer garden and cafe.

Of course there are always those things that only a little person can see and point out to you. That you have to get way down and look at, because it is very important. 

Yes, things change in the world, but some places still retain the magic. I feel so blessed that I have had one of those places for my entire life. Thanks to my Uncle Karl, Aunt Jean, cousin John with his wife Claudia, and their son Robin for keeping the magic going.

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  1. How beautiful to watch the wonder as the magic of a time gone by is passed on. This is a beautiful place and memory to share. blessings, Catherine xo

  2. What a wonderful family business and legacy, Laura! It looks like a slice of heaven to me.


  3. what a beautiful post, such beautiful photos,

  4. What a wonderful place and even more wonderful that it is still in your family and expanding and growing! xx

  5. What a fabulous place and such a nice piece of history for you. Love the café and beer garden idea. Are they expanding? Sounds like that would be a fun place to work.

  6. This is such a great post! I would love to have memories like this to carry through life and share. I guess you would never know what you didn't have until you saw that it could have been so this. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and words! :)

    Jane xx

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  8. What a lovely post, so glad you still have this place to go to and still experience the magic. Thank you for sharing a little with us. What a lovely place to sit down and let time stand still for a bit. I am sure your grandchildren will remember the magic, thanks to you. I don't have a physical place, but l do have all the stories my gran told and l tell them on to my children. She lived a very unusual life serving in the Salvation Army in Australia and South Africa. There was a "magic" about her too :). Pam xx

  9. How wonderful! I always thought it would be so much fun to be a florist! The greenhouse is extra special!


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