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Saturday, June 28, 2014

I know life moves on and that things change, but I'm often left wondering if change is always for the best. If it destroys a piece of natural habitat is it a good thing?

Some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may remember the secret garden I had when I was living in a townhouse.

It was a wonderful place where feral cats, wildlife, birds and humans could relax peacefully within the shade and privacy of the trees.

You can read the original post here.

When we moved out at the end of last summer we left the stepping stones and the garden around the patio for the next tenants to enjoy. We knew we could not move the plants with us.

The first thing that happened was the owners pulled out all of the beautiful hostas and perennials, filled the area around the patio with gravel, and then charged us for it. 

Now, when I was walking over there I saw this. 

This is where the secret garden used to be. You can see the edge of the patio on the left side of the photo.

I felt truly bereft. What happened to the sweet raccoon family that lived next to the secret garden. The mom always brought her babies up to visit us. They would put their sweet little paws on the back glass door to greet us. I know the feral cats are being taken care of, but the trees where they used to hide are gone. 

So I wonder, is progress always good. Is it done for the betterment of us all, or is it just greed driven so that a few more expensive town homes can be built?

In my opinion and apparently someone else's, they can just stick a fork in it.

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  1. It is so sad to see nature being bulldozed down! I wonder where all the critters go also.

  2. i'm a big nimby when it comes to housing developments and the like - not in my back yard.

  3. How sad! I do think that progress is greed driven many times!

  4. No , Not all change is good. You know for a fact that most change is made for profit. Lots of people do not care about your neighborhood but they would protest if it happened in theirs. Politics. Sad about all the creatures who were around there. I see where the farmer across the road, pulled trees and bushes out to get another bushel of whatever and the rabbits and wild things have to find a new home. Bless the beasts and the children. xoxo,Susie

  5. That garden was really a nice retreat. Sad that it is all gone. But on another note, raccoons are not to be treated like pets. One attacked my mother and her dog. He was trying to kill her Yorkie. My mom went right in the fight to get her dog and she got attacked. She even had to have rabies injections.

  6. Oh I'd cry if that happened. That is so sad.

    And how in the world does somebody rip out stuff and fill it in with gravel after they bought a house and then charge the former owners for it? That's crazy!

  7. No Laura. Changes are not always good. The changes shown in your photos are not good, they are sad. That is a crying shame. Your secret garden was soooo lovely. Susan

  8. I know that sometimes it's sad to see so much development going on. I look around and see plenty of homes for sale and empty office buildings for lease. It's too bad that they don't let those start filling up before building more new places that we don't need.

  9. When nature is disrespected like this, it saddens me so so much.

  10. I read this this morning, Laura. I am still at a loss for words tonight. So sorry ......

  11. Oh so sad Laura. What on earth is progress really, when it means replacing nature and trangquility with housing, all in the name of making more money. The suburb where my husband grew up is forever expanding. Old gardens are being torn apart and replaced with housing. Hardly any green areas remain. Why is it always about money? Is that the only thing that counts these days? Pam xxx


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