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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where do you believe healing comes from?

I know people who believe that every pain or symptom should be treated with a new medication. 

I believe this can be a way to cover up the source of the pain, whether it is physical or emotional. It can be a way to tell yourself "if I don't feel the pain then I won't have to recognize it". It is a part of avoidance, and although it may mask the pain, the pain may come rushing back more intensely than it originally was. 

So how do we find healing within ourselves? How do we reach down inside of ourselves and find the source of the healing that we need? 

For each of us the source may be different, but I do think that a belief that healing is possible is a very important first step. When I was doing my training to become a counselor we learned about the placebo effect. Why is it that some people are healed when given a placebo? I believe that it is because they firmly believe that what they are being given will cure them. It is mind over matter. 

Some people find healing through prayer or meditation. Some people believe in the old "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" approach. I'm going to be healed no matter what. 

We all must listen to our bodies. What is our body telling us it needs to heal? Those aches and pains, those feelings of sadness or frustration are there to give us a message. 

Each person's journey is different. I can't explain why some people get miracles and others don't. We are all here to learn something, and no one should ever blame themselves if they do not heal.

I am not a medical professional, and I am not advocating that anyone give up western medicine. I am coming from the perspective of a counselor, and as someone who believes in a combination of western and eastern healing. 

Finding healing within myself is a personal journey. It is one I work on daily. 



  1. Oh this is a wonderful post. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I do not take any medication at this time and this is very true. I have learned how to deal with this invisible illness by digging deep into my soul and finding ways to keep me going and I take medication when I really have to. I do believe to live with it you have to have a balance of both sometimes my main one being my own healing thoughts and attitude. It is not easy for some it took me years and years to figure it out myself and I may stumble again but I will never give up. Thank you. B

  2. Laura, I truly believe that Americans are over medicated. The Drs. in our area now are being very cautious about ordering pain meds for people...they have had too many years of just writing out scripts to anyone and everyone. If I listened to my own dr. at times, I would be a drug addict ...I tell my Dr., I will just walk more and pray more. Every person has the power to get better physically and mentally....if they just believe in themselves. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I am a firm believer in taking the control of my own healing process. For myself, I take as little medicine as possible but I do take it when I need to. I believe that God gives the doctors wisdom but I also ask as many questions as I need to so I can make an informed decision about my care. I have refused some medications because of the side effects and 'encouraged' my doctor to find another way to treat me. The doctor I have now is great and she will work with me.

    I am a Christian and I believe that miracles are real. Why miracles happen to some and not others, I don't know. I also believe that considering some of the things that the medical community can do today that it couldn't do 30 or 40 years ago, those are also miracles.

    Wonderful post, Laura.

  4. I think that the more our minds are open to new things, and new ideas the better off we are. But each path is going to be different, and it's a journey to discover what works for each of us.


  5. I often find my moods dictate how I feel. I am trying to be more consistent in a more positive outlook and hoping to feel much better also.

  6. I try to listen to my body and adjust things accordingly. I think hormone fluctuations can be the cause of a lot no matter what our age. And it's always best to try methods that don't include drugs or medicine. That's my opinion. I am blessed with good health but some of the people I am closest to are not so I'm familiar with those that deal with pain. The more educated we are the better. Sweet hugs my friend, Diane

  7. I do strongly believe that mental wellness/positive outlook plays an important part of health.

  8. I definitely believe there is a mind/body connection within ourselves. I don't think just taking a pill for your problems is enough. You must have some form of hope and positive outlook about your situation.

  9. I really love this post and that saying Laura. I firmly believe the mind/body work together. Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty.


  10. I've always felt there is a mind/body connection. No matter how bad things get, I always try to look at the bright side. I'm not always successful though. Hope your week is a special one!


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