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Thursday, February 27, 2014

When I woke up this morning I noticed that my voice was a little scratchy and my first thought was "oh no, I can't lose my voice. I have so much to say today".

I'm not sure that everyone wants to hear what I have to say today, but I want to have the ability to say it. 

Do you know what you want to tell the world? Do you know what your passion is, and do you have a burning desire to speak about it?

Often, finding our voice can be difficult. That is when we have to listen to our inner thoughts and tune into our emotions. What makes you happy, or angry, or causes you to cry? Is there something you want to change? It doesn't have to be life altering or world changing. 

Your voice is uniquely yours. No one else can speak it but you, and what you have to say is important. You may have to sort through the clutter in your mind, but your voice is there. It is so much of who you are and it is yours to share however you want.

If you know that you want to share your voice but you are having a difficult time knowing what you want to say, write your thoughts down. Keep a journal. Then go back and see if you can find a pattern. You may be surprised at what your thoughts are telling you to speak about. You may find you have gifts that you weren't aware of. 

I love reading what each of you has to say. In your blog posts and in the comments you leave I hear your voices.

The world needs your unique perspective. It needs to hear your voice.



  1. Hi Laura! I know I have a voice, but I admit that I keep a lot to myself. I have a lot on my plate and sometimes I feel that if I speak too much about my own feelings, it may hurt the very ones I'm trying to keep happy. This too shall pass. When I need an outlet, I have been going outside and bird-watching. I watch the birds, have conversations with myself and pray. It helps a lot. I'm still hanging on to the real me, and I'm still growing. :o)

  2. Love your pictures and love the idea of writing down how we feel what we'd like to say. That's where diaries or journals can help out. Not everyone likes to speak out or blog, some like to read and it's nice to look back ...... and it's good to look at lovely pictures


    All the best Jan

  3. The older I get the more outspoken I become...I think! lol I'm still pretty careful about people's feelings but I am learning to say a little more when I see that something is not right. Of course I'm starting to remind myself of my Dad....and oh my! He was VERY outspoken! Enjoy your afternoon my friend! Don't you wish we could walk on the beach and talk things through. We'd solve all the world's problems!

  4. Laura, I love your flower photos. I said the other day, if I feel something, I will say it...but maybe not if it would hurts someone. I like to pay compliments to people too. Who could not use a kind word? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I admit that I keep my "voice" to myself a lot at work!

  6. So true! I've learned that some people contradict what I have to say, so I'm more quiet around them. That helps me know who my true friends are. Those that accept what I have to say and don't shoot it down. I think everyone deserves to be heard and not shot down. Even if you disagree with it. Of course, I don't believe in hurting people's feelings when doing it though. So, on my blog and with others, I'm always nice or I don't say anything at all. I think a journal is a great way to "vent" your true feelings.

  7. This is an interesting post, Laura. I pretty much keep quiet about what I'm thinking unless I really feel I have something to contribute. Mostly because I find it so hard to put my thoughts into articulate words. Writing...I'm fine. Sometimes my family or close friends tell me to get to the point! I have a way of dragging the simplest things out!


  8. Hello Laura. I hear your voice, too. Blogging is so wonderful. It is even therapeutic. Connecting with others, many of whom truly are kindred spirits, fills my heart to the brim.

    Your photos are wonderful. Susan

  9. I think finding our own voice is one of life's greatest blessings! It takes a while for many of us but once we find it there is no denying it- no going back and hiding under the covers. I love YOUR voice and find your posts reflect it! xo Dana

  10. Such true words Laura, and I always enjoy your posts on Transformation for thought.



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