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Saturday, February 15, 2014

How often do we find ourselves saying why can't I be as pretty as she is, or how come I can't make as much money as she does, or I wish I was a smart as she is, or how come my blog doesn't do as well as hers does. 

Many of us were raised to view life from a perspective of lack. We see the world as not having enough resources for everyone, when in fact the universe holds unlimited resources. 

I've always been interested in the fact that there are people with what we consider average looks, average intelligence and limited education who become hugely successful. How do they do it? What do they have that helps them create this tremendous success? I believe it has to do with their outlook on life. 

They live from a perspective that there is enough for everyone. In other words my success isn't contingent on your success or failure. 

From a blogging perspective, if you have thirty thousand followers how am I supposed to become successful. You already have a huge piece of the pie and that leaves me with only a small sliver. That is looking at it from a position of lack. How many blog readers do you think there are? Not only are there millions of blog readers who might find my blog, but many of your thirty thousand followers might also be interested in my blog, or maybe my readership will be different. Maybe, I need to open myself up to the possibility that the people who will truly be interested in my blog are out there just waiting to find it. 

I believe it is human nature that we all will have moments when we feel discouraged, when things may not be going as planned, but I think those are the moments when we need to look at the message we are sending out to the universe. For me, after I have my pity party moment, I take time to think about the message I am sending out. Am I saying I don't have enough, I will never have enough, I will never be a success? If I am then I know I need to move away from a position of lack. 

I don't think we attract what we want, but what we are. It is important to live our life being honest with who we are, and I think that carries over to our blogs. We must know who we are and write from that perspective. I believe if we do that the universe will send that honesty back to us. 

So I will never try to copy anyone else's style. I will try to learn from others, but I will always be honest with who I am. I will walk the talk. 

What is your perspective?



  1. my perspective is to do my best every day not to be jealous, and to only work towards achieving what I can, given any single's days situation. I'd love more blog readership, but then again, I like it cozy, too. I'm not into trying to make money off my blog. it's my soul, not my source of income. and I choose to read bloggers that are like-minded in that respect. The grass is always greener, if we allow ourselves to think that way. But that doesn't mean the grass on the other side of the fence is healthier, if you catch my drift. Some things appear perfect, but under the surface, may not be. so it's kind of pointless to point to others and wish we had what they had. For all we know there is something behind the surface in their world that we wouldn't trade all of the tea in China for, if we knew. We just need to work to make our own world as good as we can...for ourselves, and for those around us. That's my take, anyhow. :) (that said, we all ARE human. :) )

  2. It's all perspective. Plus, just because someone has 30K followers, doesn't mean all 30K are actually reading their blog every day anyway. I have only 117 followers, but I know for a fact that a lot of them don't even read my blog anymore. However, if I look at my stats, I get over 350 hits per day, so somebody is reading my blog, maybe just not actively following it. You never really know what is going on behind the scenes and what you see is not always what you get.

    I think of it this way - there is always more to the picture than what you really see. Just like my trust and faith in God, because I know that I am not seeing His big picture for me.

  3. You are SO right with this post, Laura. I have known people that are exceptional-people that life handed them limes and they made a lime rickey. I think that every person has some God-given talent that is unique unto them. Some people discover it and others leave it undisturbed in the shadow they cast.

    It is easy to be intimidated by those that have THOUSANDS of followers but sometimes, if you look, they have few comments. So....HOW did they garner that many followers-were they really connecting with anyone or was it just a numbers game for them? I will keep my few hundred followers and be more than thrilled to know that I have connected with some of them for life (I hope).

    Have a wonderful weekend, Laura- xo Diana

  4. Lovely thoughts! We are all on a journey and on a different path. I believe our experiences are character building. I don't think we should all get what we want when we want it. There are lessons to be learned and God has a plan and purpose for all of it, that we don't always understand. I like your thought provoking posts!

  5. I do sometimes feel discouraged. However, the older I get the more comfortable I am just being myself. Doing what I like, the way I like it.

  6. I try not to compare myself to others but I do at times. I mainly try to look at their successes as a resource as to how I can achieve what I want to. I pay attention to what social medias they use, how they present themselves and their product, what seems to interest people about what they are doing, and suck up all of the information and advice they care to share, not so that I can copy their efforts, but so that I may use these tools in my own way, to benefit my own life and goals. Some days I feel really confident while on other days I find myself wondering if I'll ever get "there", where ever exactly "there" is. I do my thing, because my thing makes me happy. I hope that others like it, because that makes me happy too. I am working hard at becoming "me" again, and that renewed confidence is working! Do what you do, be who you are, love what you see! Hugs, Leena <3

  7. Loving this post, and the message is coming across loud and clear Laura.

    I +1d it too...more bloggers need to read it.


  8. Comparison is okay if it's a way to help me raise bar in my own life. Sometimes I see someone's success and find it interesting and ask them what steps they've taken to get where they are. Comparison with the perspective of "what am I lacking" isn't healthy at all. If my goal is to follow my heart and be true to me, then that is what matters. There are literally millions of blogs out there. There are many times I've discovered a great blog just by putting in key search words. I think that many of the home decor blogs run in packs (social pack mentality) and they help promote each other. I showed a lot of my projects and joined link parties because it was fun. Once my home was updated, I didn't have the money to continually do projects. There are quite a few blogs that I visit because I like hearing their perspective on things and enjoy hearing how they face challenges in their lives with humor, style and grace (and sometimes brutal honesty) about how it sucks sometimes. I loved this blog post and need to visit here more often for the beautiful life messages that you have to offer.

  9. I very much agree with Gwen and Sandy. I am very comfortable and actually thrilled with the number of followers I have. The comments I get on posts make my day. I believe what the "big guys" do on their blogs are for inspiration only, I don't kid myself into thinking they will come to my little ol blog! I thing we need to focus on putting out what matters to us and the followers, comments and love will come in good time.

    Love to you...


  10. Laura
    I believe you're right about just being yourself. What makes me want to read a blog is because I feel I've come to know the writer somewhat and can relate to them, not because they are showing me a project everyday or a new room they've decorated.
    I agree it's hard finding the balance if you want to do this as a business also. I'm struggling with this myself!
    But I'm putting it in God's hands and trusting him to help me find the best path for my future.
    I'm sending best wishes your way!

  11. This is such a good post! I definitely find myself struggling with this from time to time and then I have to stop comparing and be grateful for what I have. I think when we compare, we lose sight of what we have. I love what you said about the attitude of there is enough for everyone. That's powerful!

  12. Great perspective Laura. I love to get inspiration from other bloggers but to be true to ourselves I think we need to love and cherish what we have and not compare. If you surround yourself with the things you love you will feel true happiness.

  13. I think you're right about your perspective on everything, but as I have gotten older I have become more and more content and satisfied with everything I have and the family God has given me and learn to love and accept them as they are. I also love my good friends, which I have chosen them in real life and you, my blog friends are people I cherrish everyday, as soon as I open my computer, you make my day and make me smile with your lovely, sweet and generous comments, as I feel I know most of you who come over. I don't have tons of followers, like many of you do!... but I'm so grateful to the ones that have liked my blog enough to follow me, wow!....but that's ok too, I love you guys when you visit me and it seems as I focus more on that, your visits, I mean. Thank you for visitying me and for your wishes for my anniversary and thank you for sharing this great post!
    Have a lovely weekend.


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