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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The sun is shining and the temps are in the upper 40's today. Apparently that has led me to believe that it is almost spring because when I called to reschedule a doctor's appointment today I kept insisting that I wanted to make it for next month, March. I'm sure the woman scheduling the appointment was busy writing in my chart that I have completely lost my mind. 

I'm actually pretending that it is summer, because it is so warm inside from the sun that I have my ceiling fan going. I haven't heard the heat come on once in the last couple of hours. That is a good thing.

Remember my desk from yesterday that looked like this.

I want you to know that I have made some major advancements and my floor now looks like this.

Something tells me this might not count as cleaning, but in my own defense, I have sorted through and photographed a lot of ephemera to put in my shop. The rest will be picked up and put away probably back on top of my desk.

Did anyone else watch The Blacklist last night? I was a bit traumatized by the entire thing as it seemed like there was a lot of gratuitous violence in this episode. I think they are really trying to draw in those 18-49 year old men whom they think are the only ones that purchase anything. I prefer psychological suspense over seeing people tortured, but as I do love James Spader I will probably continue to watch (with my blanket over my head)

Finally finished The Goldfinch. It was excellent, but it is a long read, and not one that you can zoom through, so if you are considering it plan on giving it some time. 

I have now moved onto reading The Yellow House.

I just started it last night, so haven't gotten far enough into it yet to give an opinion. So far so good, though.

Business in my shop has picked up this month so I hit a couple of auctions this past week.

I'm finding some great things and of course having fun. 

As tomorrow's forecast is calling for a high of 28 degrees and snow showers, I think my short spring/summer vacation is about to be over. It was nice while it lasted.



  1. enjoy your spring day. :) i've got blacklist on tape so skipped over that part.

  2. I would like to read The Goldfinch. Are you on Goodreads? I just got my book list up to date....well, almost! Enjoy your afternoon!

  3. Your desk looks a lot like mine right now. I cannot seem to get caught up on any of my work these days.

    We have The Blacklist taped...... SO good!! Isn't James Spader the best?

  4. I really love The Blacklist and yes lots of killing last night, but I guess it shows how heartless he is to those who betray him. James Spader is really amazing in this show. It's warmer here also but still winter (sigh).
    hugs, Linda

  5. I did clean my desk off yesterday but it is all messed up again today. I think we should just forget it and go with the flow.

    I have never heard of The Blacklist. I will have to check it out.

  6. Here in CA we seem to have skipped winter completely. Today was high 60's low 70's and sunny. We haven't had rain or snow and the water table is at 20% which doesn't bode well for watering the garden come summer. As for organizing, my desk looks about the same. So much stuff!

  7. I know what you mean by how the sun can shine inside making it feel warm like Spring. It was like that today and felt great! We're also expecting colder temps with possible snow flurries. This has been the strangest winter hasn't it? Love the new items you found! I'll have to go check out your Etsy shop since it's been awhile. I don't watch the Blacklist but I know that Brenda over at Cozy Little House does. It's her favorite show!

  8. your like me, clean off the desk, move it somewhere else, move it back to the desk...... Don't think spring so quickly, I heard we are in for some really wicked winter weather this season.

  9. I thought at first that your desk had suddenly grown gray carpet on top of it----lol----until you said it was the floor! I do that, too, sort into piles and then do the piles one by one.

    Please -as much as I want it to be Spring I have lots to get done yet this winter. Have a great night, Laura- xo Diana

  10. Glad to hear your shop has picked up this month, Laura. The weather here is up and down and back again too. I'm working at getting things sorted out and organized too.

  11. I love that plate you have added to your shop!

  12. Laura, the picture of your floor made me laugh out loud. I too have been bitten by the time to organize bug. Last week it was the kitchen. Today it was books. There is no path to the new and improved kitchen. Pizza sounds good!


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