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Monday, December 16, 2013

As I woke up this morning I thought about the feeling of the moment. The stretching, the new light coming through the windows, the warmth of my bed topped with quilt and comforter, and the sounds of the passing cars.

I thought about how fickle life is. Each moment is ever changing.

Life is made up of simple moments and it is the simple moments that hold the most meaning for us.

It is as if our lives are made up of simple vignettes that we create. Moments that we place on a shelf and store away somewhere in our memories.

Drinking a morning cup of coffee, reading a good book, hugging a loved one, laughing with a friend.

They are all simple moments. Probably moments that we don't take the time to think about. Many of them are just seen as the rituals of our lives, but it is these simple moments that not only we create, but that create our lives.

Sometimes I wish I could mail those moments to myself. To take out and reread when I need them.

Life is full of moments. It is like emptying a jar of buttons and enjoying the individuality of each one.

This moment is what we have. We can't relive the past or predict the future, because yes, the moments are fickle. So I find myself knowing that in my pursuit of the simple life, I need to savor this moment.

Living in the moment. So simple, yet so meaningful.



  1. So very beautiful. I love the sweet feeling this post brings to my heart.

    I really love this. Thank you for sharing it.

    ~ Cassandra xo

  2. Oh I love this post it is so true and your photos are beautiful. B

  3. A post full of wisdom... Maybe exactly what I needed to read tonight.

  4. So true, Laura. Life, however complicated is full of simple moments. But have you thought how much time we need to realize that the beauty lies in simplicity... Appreciating every little moment of life and living it fully, that is a life well lived.

  5. It is the best and so simple just to enjoy each moment as it comes.

  6. Aw! You truly write some of the sweetest blog posts on the web. I love this, Laura!

  7. Well said, Laura, well said. We would all do well to remind ourselves of this regularly. Thank you.

  8. Very wise post. We need to be reminded to live in the moment and be grateful for it from time to time.

  9. PS I really needed to read this again tonight!


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