where are you hiding?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

where are you??

I know you are hiding somewhere.

I look everywhere.

I lift the edge of the quilt on the bed and peek under. Are you hiding there? No!

I rummage through my shoes on the closet floor. If you are hiding in there, please come out. No answer.

Maybe you are in the pantry. There is always so much in there that I have a hard time finding things. 

I don't even want to look among the boxes in the garage, because if you are hiding there, I don't think I will ever find you.

Are you having as much problem as I am having, 'finding the time'. The time to just sit and relax?

Where is the time going? It is like a whirlwind. Swirling around my head. Taking me along at a dizzying pace. Keeping me from doing so many of the things I want to be doing, and at the end of the day I am amazed that the day is already over. 

Yesterday I went through my blog roll and visited everyone on it. When I looked up two hours had passed. 

There were still photos to take for my shop, and thrifting to do, and ephemera to sift through, and a blog post to write, and phone calls to return, and muffins to make, and grocery shopping......

Well, you get the gist. I am sure your days are as full as mine, and since I have started back into my antique business full time, my days are even more full. 

So I hope you will forgive me if sometimes I am unable to respond to every comment. I want you to know that I read and really, really appreciate each and every one of them. They are the brightest spots of my day. 

I am also feeling called to write more posts, and I want to give each post the attention I feel it deserves. You may have noticed that my blog has gone in some new directions this year. It is important to me that I weave my counseling background into my posts. My counseling focus was women's issues and so I hope that I am in some way able to inspire your daily lives. 

I feel that it is important to share my life, my ups and downs, because we all have them. None of us are alone. I hope you will continue to let me know in your comments what you like. 

I also want to share more of what you are doing, so I will start to feature more blogs here, because I am inspired on a daily basis when I read your blogs. 

and I will remember to keep what is most important on my To Do list.

Yes, time is fleeting, but I am having fun chasing it around. I hope you are, too.  



  1. I feel the same way, never a second to sit still. I have to force myself to let things go.

  2. I too feel this way, but you have a very wise list and we should all take it as advice, beautiful photos, I enjoy my visit here so much, have a wonderful weekend what ever comes your way,

  3. Laura, some days I look up and the day is half over! Time seems to fly by at times and go so slowly at others. I love your new direction on your blog and hope you continue to share you wonderful thoughts, writing and oh yes you great vintage stuff!! hugs, Linda

  4. I have trouble finding the elusive time also -- I guess we all do. This was a beautifully written and thought provoking post -- I think I'll have to borrow your To do List and keep it very visible!

  5. Oh my yes! I feel the same way! Some days I do well to get it all done, but others not. But it's okay, and normal because we can't always stick to a schedule. If we do our best, then it has to be good enough. If all we ever seek to do is the necessary, mundane stuff, we will miss out on the beautify of life.
    I love your "To Do List for Today! we all need a list like that. Blessings to you!

  6. I love this post, Laura. I can see that your business keeps your life full and I agree, the time flies when you're blogging. It's like writing 20 letters to friends! Since I don't work outside of the home, I find myself filling up time as opposed to looking for it. There are days when I'm super busy and then days where I can choose what I want to do. I like the balance. When I see my children going 24/7, I wonder how they do it and then I think, "Oh yeah. You had your days!"

    I'm looking forward to seeing what your posts will be like. I truly believe its quality, not quantity!


  7. Lovely photos, Laura!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  8. You never need to respond to any of my comments, Laura. I used to try and do that, but not enough hours in the day. Bloggers understand, or at least they should. There are exceptions, but I usually only respond if a question is asked, but I do read every one of my comments and they mean so very much.

    Hope you find that elusive time this weekend.

  9. No wonder your blog is so uplifting! I didn't know you had a counseling background. I enjoy reading your posts. They are inspiring. I know there are some days that seem just too busy. On those days, I have to remind myself of what I've already accomplished and then just call it a day. There's always tomorrow.

  10. I want you to write posts about real life, about you. This morning I got an email from a reader and she said she really didn't want to read anything but my words. (In other words not about other bloggers.) I told her I would do what I could, but had certain things I feel I need to do. There are people, I know, that just want to read happy things, see pretty pictures of new decor. But there are others, like me, who want reality in all shapes and forms.

  11. Hi Laura....I just loved that post. Loved it! So like my own life minus the antique store. And that to do list? It was the best. Take care and have a nice Sunday. Susan

  12. Oh, I hear you Laura, on finding time to do everything that I want to do! Is it because I am getting older and slower, is it because I want to do too many things, or is it just the world we live in.? Maybe a little of each.

  13. I feel the same way, so much so that all I ask for Christmas are 36 hour long days!

  14. I think I found the time you have been searching for Laura, it's right there in the drawer next to the "round-to-it".

    I love the direction your blog is going in, keep it up.


  15. I am actually still in my jammies and not doing anything to do. My husband and I are watching Hallmark movies, hah. Glad he likes them because I don't like a lot of what he watches sometimes.
    Time does seem to slip away. Sometimes busy is fun but we all need a little down time. Don't over do it.
    I always appreciate a visit from you.

  16. oh my what a wonderful post as it addresses the swirling and whirling that goes on in our heads most of the days....as in no matter what we DO accomplish we feel we should be doing something else? For instance I am going through comments and visiting other blogs and I SHOULD do that, but shouldn't I ALSO be cleaning the bathroom at the SAME TIME ? And God FORBID I should ENJOY myself while visiting your blog instead of cleaning the bathroom....Ha ha we women are all the same...we are all too hard on ourselves and I am not sure why :)

  17. We can only do what we can do in a day! My days are very busy and I visit when I can!


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