Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ahhhh!!! the ebbs and flows of life, the in and outs, the ups and downs.............

Okay, I don't have a lot to talk about this week. It has been pretty slow here in my household, and that set me to wondering. Will I still be posting this at week 1000 and wow, one can only imagine the excitement then.... I will be at least 100 years old by then (a blatant exaggeration) so life should be pretty darned thrilling. There will be tales of me chasing men around the nursing home in my wheelchair, terrorizing nurses, making annoying phone calls to my daughters (oh wait, that last one happens now). Wow, the anticipation is really building up. 

We interrupt this amazing fantasy to get back to reality. Ho Hum!!!

I have read some really great books this week. If you love mysteries you will love these. The Elizabeth George is over 700 pages, so be prepared to drink lots of coffee. If you haven't read any of the books by these authors, I would suggest starting with some of the first in their series. They are some great reads. (my own unsolicited opinion)

Now, I know that most of you share your beautiful tablescapes. There are perfectly matched dishes, pretty placemats, and cloth napkins all laid out as a feast for the eyes. Around here, this is the reality of most of my meals. I just reach up in the cupboard and pull down some very not matching dishes. I serve it up and grab a paper napkin. Then I take a photo with the flash on. SIGH!!!

I know how disillusioned you must be feeling at this moment. I'm sure up until this point you thought I was nothing less than perfect, so to make up for it I am going to share this wonderful lentil soup recipe that my daughter was kind enough to text to me. 

Lentil Soup Recipe

It was delicious with some gluten-free cornbread. Mismatched dishes and all. 

The rest of the week has been taken up with the shop. Lots of new finds.

My sister actually made the thrift store rounds with me one day. She had never been in a thrift store, and she went a little crazy. I found her an amazing mid-century lamp for her bedroom for $7.75 (sorry she took it away before I could get a photo). I think she has a new obsession.  

Thanks for sharing my uber exciting week.

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  1. I have not read that one. Is it a Lynley? I love the Lynley mysteries. :-) And to answer the question, I have no idea why phones take photos on their own. Mine does too. It will be in my pocket and I hear that little 'chhht' noise and I have yet another photo of darkness in my pocket! Grrr.

  2. I'm happy to have the book recommendations. I was at the library yesterday and I checked out more mysteries than anything else...I'm in the mood! Sweet hugs!

  3. Laura... I must have 20 photos like that in my phone!!!

  4. You are always so delightfully funny, Laura!! I just wrote about my food looking so bad all the time on my blog. I try to get a quick snap before we sit down to dinner, and that usually just requires sliding everything over to one side of the table and flinging down plates and forks and paper napkins!! Thanks for the recipe, I really love homemade. Not sure about your phone pictures, maybe there is a delay before it actually takes the picture and you are moving the phone away from the subject too soon. Just a guess. Mine pauses and when the picture shows in the lower left corner, I know I got it.

    I have heard good things about Elizabeth George, I will have to check her out. Do you read the Sue Grafton alphabet mysteries? I just got the most recent and I am dying to read it but I have a pile I'm going through.

    Hope you're having a good week. Love your new finds! :)


  5. Glad to have a good book suggestion. It is reading weather here!

  6. I read both those books - love the China Bayles and thought the flashbacks to the flood were interesting. I was a little annoyed with Barbara Havers in the Elizabeth George book. She went a little to far off the rails this time. Happy Tuesday!

  7. the one good thing about cold weather coming and already here, are the wonderful soups. This one looks so good and healthy too. I make some kind of soup at least once a week. Thanks for sharing the recipe and love your recent finds. xo

  8. Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I think I eat about the same way that you do. I just grab a bowl and sit down. I'm sure most of those glorious table settings that people display on their blog are "for show". They're intended as inspiration. I don't know anyone that goes to all that trouble every day! LOL! I recognized the plate under your bowl though. I used to have those dishes when I first got married. They are a "desert rose" pattern. See? You DO have nice dishes! Those are considered casual china and only sold in department stores.

  9. you had me laughing at the phone button thing. so true.

    and you will never see me post a tablescape. i'd have to dust the table off first... :)

  10. Your sister had never been in a thrift store before?! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!

  11. Pretty funny about the phone pictures - you started my day with a laugh!

  12. No idea, my phone doesn't seem to want to take any photos when it's cold out..gee that's most of the time here, lol.

    Your soup looks wonderful, going to give it a try very soon.


  13. On my phone when you press the button it focusses the subject first then I continue to press to shoot the picture. It needs a steady hand. Can't help with the taking pictures by itself. Thanks for the recipe.
    Love from Mum

  14. You cracked me up. Eating out of real dishes and using a flash. What is the world coming to, lol!
    I set a fancy table ( meaning using the good dishes ) on occasion but when I do I have to leave room to put the food on the table, too. The tablescapes that leave no room for the food, no matter how pretty they are, make me smile. Then again, maybe the dinner was going to be buffet style....who knows :)

  15. What a happy read, Laura ~ good food, good books, may you live to be 100 . . . your sister had never been thrifting? Bless her heart!


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