Tuesday, November 12, 2013

this and that on a tuesday #7

I think this is week seven, but then again I could be wrong. If I wasn't completely taken over by laziness this morning, I could easily check it out. 

Okay, I was feeling guilty for my total laziness and so I had to check it out, and yes I was actually correct. It is week seven. That doesn't happen too often. 

This really has been a week of this and that. I have so much to share my head may actually burst. I can't even believe the paparazzi haven't started following me around. They have really missed some exciting events. Like me sliding down the hill this morning (no I wasn't on a sled) to get this shot behind my apartment.

Yes, those are trees still covered in green leaves and in the background that white stuff appears to be snow. (thus the sliding) What is up with that. I can't remember the last time there was snow on the ground, here in Kentucky at this time of year. It has me a little worried about the upcoming winter. Of course it is going to be back up in the 60's this weekend so as they say, if you don't like the weather here just wait a day. 

I would really love to brag about my goings on, but as there really isn't much to brag about, unless showing one's knickers while sliding down a hill is something to be proud of, I will share my family's fame and fortune. 

Youngest daughter, Katy once again got some press. This time on Country Living.

I want to be her when I grow up.

And now on to the most important people. GRANDCHILDREN!!!

Two of my grandchildren shot commercials recently.

JH was the hand model for this Cartoon Network spot.

and Sid appeared in this commercial for Coastal Federal Credit Union. 44 seconds into the commercial you will see her sweet smiling face closeup. (can't leave out my SIL who was the editor of both commercials)

I remember years ago when I thought grandparents were kind of obnoxious gushing on about their grandchildren. Now I have become one of them. SIGH!!!

My week:

Lunch at Claudia Sanders dinner house (she was Colonel Sanders wife). An evening spent, at a fund raiser for the Central Music Academy, watching the silent movie King of Kings, accompanied by world renowned organist David Briggs. He improvises the entire program.Simply amazing. I love that he threw in some music from the Gregorian Chants.

Christmas gala at Wakefield Scearce.

There were some really beautiful things, and I got lots of great ideas, but most things were just a tad so far out of my budget I can't even imagine. 

I was eyeing the beautiful table with the equally beautiful price tag of $22,500, but another lady and I decided you couldn't drive it and if you put it in your house, you would be afraid to let anyone touch it. So I guess it will just have to go home with someone else.

 And the rest of my week was spent going to auctions. Lots of great finds for the shop.

Yesterday was really exciting. One of the hazards of working with old rusty stuff is that sometimes you get a poke or scrape and if your tetanus shots aren't up to date you have to go get one, and while you are there the nurse says, "oh I might as well give you a flu shot in your other arm". OUCH!!!

I am now well inoculated, but two sore arms means a day of staying home. Think I'll  make some blueberry gluten free muffins.

What have you got planned?



  1. A fabulous week ends with shots and snow ...and muffins. Enjoy the view from indoors.

  2. I hit the auctions nearly every week. We would have a grand time together. We are having some snow flurries today too and it scares me to death. I am pretending it's nothing and the rest of the winter will be just fine. :) Looks like you had a fun week and congrats on the grand children's fame. :)

  3. You've been a busy lady this week....doing all kinds of fun things! Well....except for those shots! How nice to have your family doing so many interesting things, too. Life is never dull and I love it that way. I know you do, too. Great photo of the snow....EEEEE! Snow! Stay warm. and save me a muffin!

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall and your shots! Congrats to your daughter & grandchildren for their wonderful happenings! I too, am a very proud gushing Grammy! :o)
    Looks like you found some awesome things for your shop and attended some wonderful events. Lucky girl!

  5. Mrs Walker,
    Just wanted to thank you for visiting us at Wakefield-Scearce and featuring us on your blog. We hope you enjoyed your trip.

    Matt Burnett
    Wakefield-Scearce Galleries

  6. I have rest planned. I've painted and done and done till I can hardly stand up. Lord, I may never agree to do this type thing again. I'd rather slide down a hill. No, better nix that. I'm too accident-prone.

  7. You have had a very busy week! Love seeing your Grands doing fun things! Wow snow already. We are getting a cold spell tonight and maybe some flurries. I hate shots I must admit! Hope this week goes well for you.

  8. Sounds like good times at your place! Congrats on the grandkids and daughter's accomplishments!

  9. try to keep from sliding thru winter, please! :) congrats on the family credits!

  10. Wow! Snow in Kentucky is rare and it is very early too. We don't have any snow, just the cold weather that usually goes along with it. Congrats on your grand kids new gigs! Wonder if any thing more will come from it. Ya never know!

  11. They are telling us that it will be 93 tomorrow down the mountain..Geesh..is it shorts and flip-flop weather again. Sounds like all is bright in your corner of the world. We attended a wedding and you would have loved the venue. We also shopped at a couple of antique stores and it was fun... We came home with a few oldies but goodies..

  12. Great week, talented family . . . . Laura, your recaps are definitely smile makers. Between the oops and ouches you are a joy.

  13. How cool is that about your grandkids??

    My daughter ate at Claudia Sanders when she was in Louisville not long ago. She said it was excellent!


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