this and that on a tuesday....#4

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well, the day of excitement has rolled around once again. It's the day where I share what in the heck I have been up to this past week. 

It's actually been a pretty mundane week around the I'm So Vintage household. I know that is kind of hard to believe considering how extra exciting it normally is.

The weather here in Central Kentucky has been spectacular. Perfect walking weather. Cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons. I have loved taking my walks and gathering some finds from nature. 

You saw the garland I made.

If you missed how I made it you can see it here.

I've also been collecting leaves. I love pairing them up with old books. Simple and lovely.

I also used some of my finds in a centerpiece for the dining room table. I tried taking a picture of it on the table, but it is so dark in there that I had to move it next to a window for the photo.

I love the old dough bowl and I think Uncle Charlie was liking it too. Haven't met Uncle Charlie? You can read about him here.

Other than that I have been working on my Etsy shop and going to auctions.

I love it when I find so many great things to sell. I have a hard time parting with a lot of them, but I am so happy when someone else gets to enjoy them.

Part of being a dealer is that things in your home are always changing. Works for me. I love to rearrange.

Speaking of rearranging, I just got a call that means a bit of rearranging of my day. You know what they say about the best laid plans. What is it exactly they say?.............................

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  1. Pretty found treasures - I should do more of that when I walk :-)

  2. I love your garland and I know that it must smell wonderful as well!

  3. Change...that's one thing we can be sure of. Love your garland! I saw it featured this week! And the dough bowl is beautiful! I need one, don't I? heehee! Sweet hugs!

  4. The nature finds make great fall decorating, don't they! Lovely garland.

  5. Love fall leaves and old books. Great combo.

    As for the best laid plans, I'm not sure what the old adage is, but I know they often go awry, don't they?

  6. Laura, One good thing about buying and can enjoy whatever you buy for a while yourself, then resell it. That would work for me. xoxo,Susie

  7. Sounds like a good week to me-exciting or not. Those are some great finds and your centerpiece looks great. My dining room is not conducive to good pictures either. Hope your "plans" turn out great- xo Diana

  8. Hello :-), love the things you have made, lovely Autumn colour. Your finds are great too, particularly that blue coffee pot. Blessings, Pam

  9. I always think that when plans change its because something better is going to happen! That's what I tell my daughter anyway because she is the queen of "I hate it when plans change." xo

  10. The garland looks great and so does the arrangement in the dough bowl--beautiful photos!

  11. Hi Laura, your vintage finds are so pretty and so is your center piece. You have such a creative eye for design!

  12. Love that centerpiece, Laura. That dough bowl is a keeper!!


  13. When I had my shop I would often bring home treasures for a brief visit, especially when they were newly acquired. Once my girls asked me why “everything” had an inventory number and a price on the bottom. When I set up my autumn decorations this year it appears some of the window displays never made it back to their retail life. Enjoy!

  14. Laura,
    Your fall decor is inspiring and the dough bowl is just gorgeous!

  15. Love your dough bowl! The autumn arrangement is so pretty. I'm in the purging mode so not much decorating getting done right now!

  16. Hi Laura, it sounds as though you are really enjoying October. What a pretty garland and pretty finds. Good for you to be walking. I have been lazy and hay fever has not helped at all. I will be responding from this link instead of Ramble Ann. Just letting you know...

  17. Love the leaves on the old book. Simple and beautiful!


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