like a thief in the night

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last night as I slept fall came sneaking in. Like a thief that comes creeping in in the dark of night it stole our lovely weather.

And this morning I heard the steady beat of the rain on the roof and the swish of tires as they passed outside my windows on the wet road.

Last week as I drove past this old country church I thought about the inevitability of life.

Just like the flowers that were still blooming and the trees that were just beginning to be tinged with red, there would be change. The flowers would die and the trees would lose their leaves as a new season took hold. A new season just like a new day means new beginnings. 

We can try to hold on to the beauty of summer, but we can't stop fall from creeping in. So my plan is to embrace it with open arms.

To enjoy the bounties that are so uniquely Autumn's.

On gray cool days I will sit by my window and watch the beauty of fall unfold.

I will plan ahead for days spent walking in the clear cool air and nights spent reading by the fire.

For the seasons of life are always changing and I feel grateful for them. 



  1. Your post is so true here at my house too. We have experienced cloudy cooler days lately and it does feel like the beauty of summer is disappearing, but a new season is unfolding in front of us. I'm still waiting on the leaves to turn pretty colors though. It just takes a while down here in the south!

  2. I am ready to embrace Fall to it's fullest this year!! Beautiful photos!

  3. I really do love when the seasons change, it's refreshing to welcome in change, it makes life more interesting.

    Your pictures are stunning! And thank you so much for visiting today!


  4. That's a beautiful way to embrace the seasons....and change! I like change and even cooler temps but it sure gets dark early. I'll get used to that, too! Sweet hugs!

  5. We have had drastic changes this week too, a big drop in temperature and dark dreary days. I love fall and winter but it takes some adjustment when it happens over night.

  6. When we make a friend of change, we're happier for it. Love your photos.

  7. You have such a lovely blog, both words and pictures. Thank you.

  8. Good for you Laura. What a lovely little church.

    We don't get much of a color change this far south so I'm more than happy to enjoy yours. Thanks!

  9. Amen and Amen, Laura. That is just a beautiful sentiment you have posted here. xo Diana

  10. Beautiful post Laura. I enjoyed your pictures and the written words.



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