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Monday, October 7, 2013

day breaks

Day breaks and I hear the sound of the rain against my window. It is bringing down the leaves and I am reminded of past falls. 

Days filled with raking leaves. Days where the scent of wood smoke filled the air. 

Days when my father would call my name, telling me it was time to change out the summer screens with storm windows. Days when dinner included Mom's fresh baked apple pies made from just picked apples.

The memories flood my mind sending me back to what seemed a simpler time. I am filled with a sense of longing. A desire to spend one more day in that time. A day that is real and not just in my dreams. But those long ago days are now just memories tickling my senses. I live where someone else rakes the leaves, my fireplace is gas, and my father has been gone many years. These days, long lost lovers reside only in my memories.

And I know that it is time to make new memories. Ones shared with a new generation. For, although autumn can be a time of melancholy, it can also be a time of joy. No matter the season or the time of our lives there is so much living left in each new day.



  1. Laura,
    What a wonderful message plus those photos are stunning!! Love the colors that Autumn brings.

  2. Beautiful images! Fall is a sad time of year for me but I try to think of the things I enjoy and like best and get outside in the sunshine as much as I can! Enjoy your day my friend!

  3. Fall is always a time to reflect for me also. I'm ready to get my life a little more 'settled' and ready for the winter!

  4. So beautiful and great memories!

  5. Love the song, the photos, and your memories! I have very similar memories that make me feel melancholy too. But fall is my favorite time of year and I move on.

  6. Beautiful, Laura!!!
    I am glad you have great memories... and yes, it is time to make wonderful memories for your grandchildren! I forgot how many you have, but I remember seen pictures of a beautiful daughter and granddaughter! Perhaps you will make a pie with them???
    Claudine www.restory.ca

  7. You're right. I never really thought about Fall being melancholy. But it is a season that reflects the end of one before it (unlike Spring is renewal). It is best sometimes to think ahead and not backwards though. We can't get the past back and we can't change any of it. All we can do is move forward. Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. I remember changing out the screens for storm windows when I was a kid. And having to wash them all down in the back yard. Nobody has to do that anymore.

  9. Gorgeous photos and lovely memories, Laura!

  10. Ah, Laura, you are so right. Make today count!

  11. These are great memories to have and to cherish, Laura. Beautiful pictures!



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