they love me, they love me not.....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

they love me, they love me not.............

Do you ever feel, as a blog writer, that you just want to go out into a field of daisies and start plucking the petals off?

Do you worry and stress over the number of comments that are left on your posts?

The number of visitors in a day?

While sipping your morning cup of coffee and attempting to working the morning crossword

does your mind wander to your next post. 

As you push your cart through the aisles of Trader Joe's, do your eyes look over at the tubs of flowers while you wonder if you should splurge on a bouquet so that you will have something anything to write about?

and after you return from your morning walk do you excitedly upload your photos only to find that half of them look like this?

Then you creatively spend literally waste thirty minutes trying to figure out what in the heck it is.

Do you then give yourself this look, followed by a head slap


because really there was a time when no one read your blog, not even your mother, and no one left comments (how could they when no one was reading it).

I of course never do any of these things. 


I always was a terrible liar. 



  1. LMHO Laura - I don't think of how many comments I'll get but I'll tell you what I DO do.................
    Every time I go out I forget my camera - and it ruins the outing for me because there's always something gorgeous to photograph -
    and every single thing I see, I think to myself - " I SHOULD be taking a photo of that " lol
    Great post!!!

  2. LOL I love this post because it is so true. I have done all of those things. I like to pretend it doesn't matter but then I look and I have lost a follower or two and WHAM....I worry and fret about why they left me (sniff, sniff)

  3. Laura, I do try to make a blog others would like...but mostly, I blog about what is going on around me. Yes, I remember when no one left a comment..I really remember when I was excited about 3 comments. I never get too many. I think I just love knowing people are writing to me. Like someone cares. Oh I have had my share of bad pictures:):) I do like your daisy shot. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Loved this! Very funny and oh, so true! I sometimes wonder about the number of comments, especially when I read (or merely skim through) certain blogs and see they have 100s of comments! Huh?! But, I really don't fret about it, especially since I don't stop to comment much, either.....nor do I ever make it to half the blogs I want to read! Love your photos! Have a wonderful week!

  5. I keep forgetting I have a stats button thats how dumb I am, you will never have any worries , we love coming here!

  6. P.S. I just looked through your entire Etsy shop. LOVE it!

  7. LOL, I actually wake up it the night thinking about blog posts. Loved your writing today:)

  8. I hate when my camera acts up. Trader Joe's for flowers? Pretty.

  9. Today - another great post that went straight to my heart. Sometimes I get up in the morning thinking that I should give this blog thing up because I can't think of anything to write. Then I feel sorry for myself. And then later I realize how lucky I am that I am making such wonderful friends like you, Laura. Have a great day!! PS...when in doubt... always buy the flowers!!

  10. LOL! That is all so true. It's gotten to the point where I'll be out with my mom and she'll turn to me and say "This would make a good blog post!"

  11. LOL-I am constantly looking for blog "shots" but I don't stress about it too much and I can always fall back on SweetCheeks for a laugh- xo Diana

  12. LOL!! I am still learning but I do forget to bring my camera with me at times and blow posts!! I hope this slower time of me doing a lot of reading with blogs I am also learning. I think I am, we'll see when things start happening. Right now we are at a stand still!


  13. You always have great posts. Love your blog. But I'll be out of the blogosphere until Aug. 28 -- I'm heading to NH to visit big kids and grandkids.
    So I'm not ignoring you if I don't stop by and comment.

  14. Oh Laura I have those days! Photos just not what I wanted and searching for something to blog about. Still you always seem to have something worthwhile to say!

  15. I think we're much more productive due to blogging.

  16. I have done these things too! lol

  17. Nope! I never do any of this things! Ahem...


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