Saturday, July 6, 2013

hello world i'm one today

Today is our sweet angels first birthday and although I am not in Georgia today, I was there for her birthday party on Wednesday.

There was of a special cake, that mama made

which, of course, she ate much more daintily than her Nana.

Mama also made a special birthday crown, but that was not staying on the head (that child is constantly in motion. It is like trying to photograph a whirlwind) 

And of course there were lots of great gifts.

She was an angel throughout. Not one bit of crankiness even though she is cutting six teeth and didn't have her nap.

Well there was the one incident when I sat down on the couch next to her. 

Me: Do you want Nana to get off "YOUR" couch?

Little Angel: Yep!!!

Out came the hand trying to shove me off.

Hey!!! Well now somebody is cranky and it isn't our little angel. 

Me: Okay, just for that you are getting 20 kisses. That'll teach you.




  1. So cute! Glad you were able to be there for the party!

  2. Happy first.........couch incident funny. I have a couple of little that have done something similar. She loves you don't worry.

  3. What a cutie! Happy Birthday to her! First birthdays are always so exciting. And you're right, you never know how long the "happy" is going to last on their birthday. It's usually a lot of stimulation for one person that young to handle.

  4. She is precious. I love that she already has a little "attitude".

  5. What a sweet little birthday girl, sounds like she had a lovely day too. Read your previous post Laura and wanted to wish you all the best with the future, nomatter how it may turn out. I feel a bit similar about my own future, not sure where l am going but confident God has a plan. Trying to live the moment and just wait and see, embracing all that is good. Blessings Pam

  6. She's adorable, happy B day to her. They grow so fast, good that you can spend some time with her.

    Love the crown.


  7. Happy birthday to that Darling Little princess! My goodness, hug and hold her a lot, before you know it she's in school, time flies for all of us but in baies you notice it more! Many blessings!

  8. What a great day to be One... Sweet pics and yes, we all have our moments too..

  9. She is just darling,, Laura! Isn't it funny how quickly they can make you aware of what they want even if they don't have words yet?! xo Diana

  10. Happy birthday to that sweet lil girl!

  11. What a sweetie pie!! So glad you could be there for the party.

  12. Happy Birthday, little girl!!


  13. Laura... She gets cuter and cuter. Love her red checked top!!! Have a great Sunday!!!

  14. What a cutie! Happy first birthday!

  15. She's adorable! Happy 1st birthday, and many more!

  16. Happy Birthday to your sweet Grand! Oh I remember Tiger pushing me when I sat too close to him once. He was tired and cranky too! I punished him with kisses also. Oh we Grandma's always win!

  17. What a darling girl! And I love the red gingham! Glad to see you enjoying life "up in the air" and hope you'll be able to settle soon!


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