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Monday, July 15, 2013

One of my greatest joys since having both knees replaced is that I can walk again. I have been having a bit if of a problem with tendinitis behind both knees, so my surgeon sent me for more PT. I think it is making it hurt worse, so I am taking matters into my own hands and starting a walking program. 

The sidewalk was definitely beckoning me yesterday morning.

I love the early morning, and at this time of year in Kentucky, it is the only time to really walk comfortably. By comfortably I mean not sweating bullets or swatting at a million mosquitoes. 

I have no idea what this bush is, but love the purple cone shaped flowers with a touch of red in their centers.

Ahhhhh!! I had been wondering what all of the sawing was that I have been hearing for the last few days. Now I know. They are replacing the worn rails of the fence that surrounds the townhouses where I live. I thought about picking up a board and carrying it home with me to repurpose, but those boards were a lot heavier than they looked, and I definitely was not ready to lug one around with its rusty nails on my walk.

Maybe I will try to go down there today and see if I can snag one. 

Our little creek looked inviting.

It does lead into the woods,

but as I am a huge tick magnet, I thought maybe I better skip that and stick to the city sidewalk.

The beautiful gardens were definitely a nice consolation.

Okay, I have to confess, that after the walk I went for brunch at our local Coffee Pub.

I think I may have to add the stationary bike to my routine today.



  1. What a pretty walk! I usually walk in the early evening, but you made me want to walk in the morning :-)

  2. I use to live where there was this gorgeous 'walk' and early morning was my favorite time of the day! Your walk is very pretty and to end with breakfast and coffee...perfect!

  3. What a lovely beginning to your day!

  4. You have a wonderful place to walk! Enjoy your day my friend!

  5. What a beautiful area to walk! You're lucky to be able to have such a nice serene area close to your home. I believe that purple flower you spotted was from a butterfly bush. I recognize it since we have some in our front yard. They attract butterflies, really! Sorry to hear that you've been suffering with tendonitis. I've had that before in my upper arm deltoid muscles and it is very painful. They say the best thing for it is rest though.

  6. I see where Kelly told you already what kind of bush that was..she's right. Sorry you are having pain when you walk. I go through it all the time with my fun , when all we want is to walk and enjoy nature. I wish you well, cause that's a pretty path to walk upon. xoxo,Susie

  7. What a pretty walk! You walked off enough calories to offset some of the Coffee Pub breakfast.

  8. Beautiful post and that is a butterfly bush. Butterflies just adore them. I have to tell you they sent me for PT for my MS and I wound up being in bad shape for a few days. I found that doing my Pilates machine is better.


  9. All the best on your recovery. I often say that we know more about our body's condition than any doctor does. They certainly don't always get it right, do they?

  10. What a beautiful walk! I'd be thinking about snagging those boards too. My head is spinning with the possibilities.

  11. The coffee pub looks nice! I would have to stop!

  12. What a lovely walk but the cafe at the end was the best part of the morning- xo Diana

  13. Lovely blog, Laura. Good luck with those knees. It's incredible what can be done with cutting edge technology these days!

    I want to go to that coffee pub!

  14. Hi Laura,

    Your walk looks wonderful and I am so glad that you are able to do this having had your knees replaced. I am a huge walker and always enjoy a coffee treat when I reach my destination. Enjoy your day!

  15. Laura, I literally gasped when the lovely photograph of your breakfast spot came up. What a pleasure to know you are within walking distance of a wonderful place.

  16. What a delightful walk! So many pretty flowers to see!

  17. Laura,

    I see many others have already told you that was a butterfly bush. I just realized that I have one exactly the same color outside the window at my workplace. I was full of butterlies the other day and I brought my camera back to work with me so I could some pics of them. I am trying to root clippings from that bush right now....I have no idea if this will work but it looks like little roots might be trying to form...we'll see! Anyway, that WAS a lovely walk! I used to live in KY for 11 Mt. Sterling. Is that anywhere close to where you are? I work for a PT and can relate to your knee pain...we see it everday, unfortunately. Sure hope your walking plan helps you!

    Take care and have a blessed week!


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