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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads and couldn't decide which road was the right one to choose?

You've planned your path, but the universe keeps throwing obstacles in your way.

and at that point in the road you have no idea which path you should choose.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
                       Robert Frost

I am feeling that way. I have talked so much on here about wanting to be near my grandchildren. I don't want to see myself in the future looking back knowing that I missed all of their growing up years. 

That I missed those special times with them. 

and yet, I don't want to move to some anonymous suburb 45 minutes away from them, alone, doing a job that I hate just so that I can see them occasionally. 

I wonder. Which is the road less traveled by. And where does the road lead. 

When is that happiness that you feel so strongly for others reflected back into your own life?

My mother always told me, growing up, that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. She was right. My emotions are always near the surface. I feel very strongly about things and about other people. I will never apologize for that, but

I am praying and meditating on this, because I know that we all must choose our own path. That in the end it is down to us. That right or wrong we alone must make the decision. That we all deserve to be somewhere where we are fully loved and that we must start with loving ourselves first.

Thank you for sharing this journey called life with me. 



  1. It's difficult to look ahead and know what will be best. You'll figure it out, my friend. Be sure to put yourself first. Your family will be happy when they know YOU are happy!

  2. Laura I am at a crossroads in my life also. I do understand! It is never easy to make a big change and know for sure its the right thing. Praying you will get clarity and know what you should do.


  3. Funny-- it seems as I've never had to make any big decisions; things were always kind of thrust upon me. So maybe be glad you are able to make a decision, that you have choices. The powers that be must think you are capable! Good luck!

  4. Laura, I raised my daughters here in this town. One still lives naturally she and I spent a lot fo time together. When the others say, wish you lived closer mom..I say, you moved not me. Thank God I can still travel to see them. But the visits get less and less as their children get older. I will wish you the best of luck at your choice. I know it isn't easy. We can't always live near or for our children. Blessings to you. xoxo,Susie

  5. It is hard sometimes, especially when we are at the age we think it should be easy. My Uncle told me along time ago, everything happens for a reason. I know you will decide on which choice is best in the long run. I spent every Saturday of my life with my Grandparents and would NEVER change that time for a second. We are here for you friend.

  6. The road travels both ways, Laura. Your family would hate it if you were not happy in your job or location. Some of my fondest memories are of summers with my grandparents. You mustn't hurry. Perhaps as summer plays out you will find your answers.

  7. Laura,
    Don't rush to a decision or be influenced by what other people want. You must be at peace my friend no matter what you decide to do. Here is a little inspiration that I fall back on:

    In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. ~Robert Frost


  8. It is difficult to know which direction you should head. But you have to follow your heart.
    "When in doubt -
    There is no doubt."
    Think about it :-}}

  9. I have been at that time in my life for awhile. I have been seeking God will for me. So far I have not found it.
    Smiles, Dottie

  10. I read something years ago that has helped me when facing decisions. I can't quote it verbatim, but the gist was that you should never do anything if there is a hesitancy in your spirit, that you should wait until you feel a certainty that you're doing the right thing. Of course, there's an anxiousness that comes with any big change, but my feeling is it should be won of nervous excitement more than one of nervous anxiety.

    Stepping back and looking at the big picture can really help, as well. I tend to write a list of pros and cons when facing decisions.

    As for those grandchildren, I know they must be a big draw and, yes, the years will fly by and before you know it they'll be grown and doing their own thing. I do regret that my parents lived so far away from us (and my sisters) whenever all of their grandbabies were small, but we/they made time to travel and see each other several times a year, and those are some of my daughter's and my niece's most precious memories, even to this day. My parents moved back to their old home place (about two hours away) 15 years ago, so they were able to enjoy the kids' teenage/young adult years, which was wonderful for all of us, but the girls (all grown up now) still talk about missing the trips to Mississippi to visit Nana and Papa. I said that to say that with time and effort, relationships can flourish, even across the miles.

    I've rambled enough here, but I'll end by saying that relationships are often unbalanced, which results in disappointment and unhappiness for the party who always gives and gives and seldom receives. I don't know if that is the case with your situation, but I remember a friend of mine, who did all of the giving in a relationship, saying how much better she felt after she let go of her hopes for change.

    I know you'll figure it out, Laura. Sounds like you're well into the process of that already. These things take time, and I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do.

  11. Pardon this writer's typos, Laura ... I'm half-awake right now and wearing no glasses. :)

  12. I second what Dayle had to say. I know how much you want to be near your grandchildren, but you have to live a life that will bring you joy. If you have a hesitation about this decision, an inner sense of unease with it, then honor that. We are far away from our families and sometimes I yearn to be closer - especially as the years seem to go by so quickly. But we have careers that require us to stay where we are. And that means sacrifices need to be made.

    Whatever your decision, let it come from a place that takes care of you.


  13. Maybe the road less traveled is the right one. Maybe it's the unconventional road that you normally wouldn't take. 45 minutes away in some suburb? Working a job you don't like? There have got to be more choices than that. Perhaps a different way of thinking is in order. I'm a very unconventional thinker. I color outside the lines and look at every possible scenario. Makes me nuts at times, but it helps to see things from all angles. Where do you really want to be? What do you really want to be doing? The answers may not come easily, but they will come. Think outside the box - in fact, throw the box away! This is your time! Figure out how you really want things to be, then set about finding the where, how, when to it all. Taking a mental "walk away" from problems often opens doors to the solutions. Good luck! I know you'll figure it out! Hugs, Leena

  14. No worries because God answers prayers, and when you make your decision you can rest knowing that it's God's will for your life!

    I really wrote this for my own benefit, too....

  15. Follow your heart. Good luck as you make this life decision.

  16. Laura, I truly believe that you should choose the path that will fill your heart with joy, no matter what that may be and no matter what others may think. Sending good thoughts that you reach a decision that will fulfill your dreams, Deb

  17. Laura- I know what you mean- I often struggle with what to do with some big life decisions. If it weren't for my grandkids I would be in the ocean- where my soul finds piece. Instead, here I am in the Midwest- immersed in grandkids' lives-kids that need me less and less as they mature and find friends that replace a Nana...and that is the right order of things. Choose wisely, Laura. It is sometimes NOT what we think it is going to be...and, yet, even worse to be stuck in limbo. xo Diana

  18. I hope the right answer comes to you. I know that as a mom with two young kids, I am glad my mom is close by. She just adores Lucas and Lucie and they have such a special relationship. They are close buddies and love spending the night with her. Moving is scary and you have to rebuild relationships and get settled in. Think of your happiness too.

  19. Life isn't easy on us many choices, so many desicions to make. So glad God is there to guide us. "And l said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, give me a light that l may tread safely into the unknown. But he said; Put thine hand in the Hand of God, that shall be to thee better than light and safer than a known way". M.L. Haskins. Hugs Pam xx

  20. Hope you are able to find a solution you are at peace yet. When you are feeling unsettled...perhaps the "right" path isn't even open to your view yet! Try to be patient with yourself, and with the Lord.

  21. Laura all I know is that the uncertainty and questions are part of the process.

    Sometimes things don't turn out like you think they should, they turn out better in the end. Follow your heart, it knows the way....


  22. I usually choose the road less traveled. It's not an easy choice, but it's the one that makes me happier than choosing the road everyone expect me to choose.

  23. Your post inspired me to write a post on the same subject as I have just faced the same decision. I've chosen to move away to a life more in tune with my nature. My children had long distance grandparents. It showed me the precious loving bond stays strong because of the people not the distance. Whatever you decide, be true to yourself. It is your essence your family loves.


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