on my way

I had definitely not planned to be away from my computer for three days this week, but my internet service went out Tuesday and by the time it was fixed yesterday I was on my way to Atlanta.

It felt great to finally get on the road and get started on the rest of my life.

Sid was very excited to see me after five months

and JH was happy to see me, I'm just not sure he was happy to be seen with me.


Lovie on the other hand was treating me as the usual suspect. 

This is pretty much the look I have been getting since I got here. Who is this strange woman? Why does she keep calling herself Nana. I happen to know that nana's are those yellow things I eat for breakfast and she is definitely not as tasty as they are.

I'm working on it.

Tomorrow we are doing a home and garden tour and then Sunday we will be leaving for North Carolina after some Mother's Day festivities. 

I'll stay in touch and share photos as I can.

  1. I know you will have a great weekend with the family. The garden tour sounds fun! Have a great Mother's Day.

  2. You look happy my friend! I'm so glad you are there with your sweet family! Take care of yourself! Happy Mother's day!

  3. You are on your way, my friend. On your way to a whole new life. We'll be along for the ride. Have a great Mother's Day!

  4. Have a great weekend - Happy Mothers Day!!

  5. I know you are happy to be here with your daughters and grands. So happy you are starting this journey!!

    Happy Mother's Day

  6. I'm catching up on your posts, Laura. So glad you are with your beloved family! And the day in court you mentioned? I assume this is to get your property back? I wish you luck and am sending you all the positive thoughts I can!


  7. LAURA: Hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful fresh start. Enjoy your visit , realizing that soon you will be moving "home".

  8. Lovie makes such a cute face... She's definitely not trusting... yet! I hope you'll have a nice time with your family!

  9. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day and safe travels.

  10. Those are great pictures !!

  11. Happy Mothers Day sweet Laura... and let the new, wonderful adventures begin because you deserve it!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  12. Have a great trip, are you staying now? This is the big move?


  13. Happy Mother's Day to you! Have a wonderful trip!

  14. Lovely pictures of your grandchildren Laura. wishing all the very best for you. Blessings, Pam xx


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