do you keep on pushing on?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I was reading a post by my blogging friend Sherry at the 
Rusty Pearl and she shared this photo of a little 
flower that has pushed its way up through some bushes.

It is growing and thriving despite its adverse conditions.

I often wonder what keeps some people moving forward no matter what, while others give up at the slightest adversity.

People are like flowers. We need nurturing. We need to be watered and loved. We want to be noticed among all of the other flowers.

And yet, like some flowers, there are people who see adversity as a chance to grow.

They find meaning and purpose in life. They make a commitment to move forward. To stand tall.

They consider the challenge and grow despite of it. 

And sometimes watching a child choose a bowl of cereal and a jar of pickles for breakfast is enough to remind us not to take life so seriously.



  1. You wouldn't believe all the "pushing through" I've done and still do-- story of my life! Most people's too, I bet. Nice to have little ones to keep us grounded!

  2. What a precious little girl and we all remember being trouble free when we were kids. I definitely push through. I've been through hard times but nothing lasts forever. Things change...that's one thing we can always be sure of. I sure hope things get better for you my friend. I know it will! Hugs!

  3. To this day my kids say, "Mom, thank you for keeping us in our puffed painted sweats as long as you did!"

  4. So sweet, cereal and pickles...hmm havn't tried that ;-). Trying to stand tall and push on, even if l often fall flat on my face. As you said, it is important not to take life too sereously...laugh a lot...laugh through tears even, get up and push on. Blessings Pam xx

  5. I would love to be thought of as strong,that's how I think of my mom. I say it things that happen do not change the way the world turns, then do not fret about it. Not saying I have not worried my share:):) Now please pass the pickles. ..that is cute. xoxo,Susie

  6. I find it is easier (sometimes) to push on during times of adversity because it is motivational. It is when we're in a rut that things get commonplace. Sometimes, adversity is just the push we need to prove ourselves again!

  7. Sometimes I feel like I am swimming against the current and getting nowhere fast. Things have been challenging but I think facing challenge makes us stronger.

    As for the pickles, love'em for breakfastlunch or dinner! Such a cute photo!

  8. Lovely post, Laura. Love that last photo. I so enjoy backyard picnics.

  9. A picnic breakfast with pickles...too cute!

  10. Great post Laura, I needed this today very much. So my friend, I say THANK YOU!

    The photo, priceless!!


  11. GREAT message, Laura. I am one of those PUSH ON people. I often wonder why others sometimes collapse so easily-don't you? xo Diana Love the picnic girl~

  12. OMGOODNESS I wish I was your neighbor.. I would run over and hug your sweet self. YOUR a jewel my sweet friend. When I leave your blog I feel like I was at a friends house. I love your posts your spirit and JUST who you are . Thanks so much you doll.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart... LOVE LOVE LOVE this .. and so true

  13. Beautifully said~~~and I can relate to the little princess with the jar of pickles~~~~I LOVED them so much at that age, I would eat the WHOLE jar as a meal. My Mother quit buying them for a while and said "I had to eat more than just pickles"! What a smile this put on my face seeing that picture~~~Push on! Blessings~~~Roxie

  14. As a teacher, this is a question I ask myself every day. Why do some have the strength to hold on, why other give up at the first difficulty?


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